Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Diary of a Mediocre Homemaker - Reading is my Jam

Dear Diary
Life at times just seems too much .  I like to escape into a book.  Everything is possible in a book. Reading is my main way of de-stressing.  In other words, reading is my jam. I am an equal opportunity reader.  I will read just about anything once.

I thought I would share a few picks for reading.

 The Orchard House- (full review)

Growing up were you intrigued by the book the Secret Garden?  Do you have complicated relationships?  Do you enjoy gardening?  Do you love to help the little people in your life explore the outdoors?  Well this book hits all of these sweet notes. Tara writes a moving memoir about her and her mom's garden in Seattle.  Her mom purchased a distressed property with an amazing overgrown garden.  Tara discusses how her relationships changes and how it relates to the garden that her mom and her are creating. (from my review)

This is my top read for this year. I also think this would make a great candidate for my county reading program - Whatcom Reads

I also have a few books I like to read over and over.  Here is where I profess my love for the Twilight series. I shamefully won't tell you how many times I have read the entire series.

Do you realize that the twilight book is 10 years old? For the anniversary Stephanie Meyers came out with a new edition Life and Death. In this new edition the vampire is female and it is a teenage boy.  I haven't read it but strangely I do want to read it.

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