Sunday, October 25, 2015

Diary of a Mediocre Homemaker - Last 31 Day Love Linky

Sharing is Caring.  Pretty Please check out some of the other Write31Day bloggers.  There is some undiscovered gold out there.

Things I wish You Would Stop Saying  I particularly love the one on Vomit -as in "We've Been Up all Night Vomiting.

Life in Lape Haven  Out of the Mouth of Babes 31 Day series- My Boys and the T-shirts  She shares these easy adorable t-shirt capes.

31 Days of Random Reflections on Raising and Homeschooling a Child with Special Needs - Lots of Good Stuff Here. I don't homeschool but I do have experience with Special Needs . I liked - We are all Someone Else's Worse

****Check out my entire series - Diary of a Mediocre Homemaker

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