Saturday, October 17, 2015

Diary of a Mediocre Homemaker - Where the Magic Happens

My Desk Area
Dear Diary
Some people have dirty minds.  It is true.  The magic of my blog happens right in my little old office. It's not that special.  I am currently using my husband's old desk complete with he complete collection of Stephen King.  Despite all this glorious Stephen King, I have never read any Stephen King.  I scare easily. I know I have a Stephen King book actually laying on the desk 11/22/63. I found it for my son. They plan on turning 11/22/63 into a movie I believe.

We turned a bookcase into a laptop desk area.  I love quotes so I have a couple in frames. Here is one of them below.  I am a big fan of Big Bang.

The flower art is by my nephew. The rock is from my husband.  It is just cool. The glass globe with shells and sand  is from Nonna.  

THIS is indeed where the magic of My View of the Honeypot happens. 

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