Thursday, August 31, 2017

What I Learned This Summer

What I Learned This Summer

I guess my summer is finally winding down. I thought I would share what I learned this summer.  I am linking up with Emily Freeman. Also check out what everyone else learned this summer.


I know you are SHOCKED that we didn't have a close encounter with Bigfoot.  My friend and I did a hiking program through a local hospital. It was called Trek for the Treasure.  We did 6 progressively harder hikes that had clues that were to lead us to find Bigfoot.  We looked for the last clue and literally could not find it. It was disappointing and frustrating. I am though super proud of us for doing this.


On our way back from our Trek for Treasure hike #5, I had a long discussion with my husband.  I felt I wasn't handling the hills/mountains in my life very well both literally and figuratively.  I usually pride myself on tackling challenges but I have been frustrated.  My personal summer plans have been derailed. I did not take it well . I am the Queen of Work Arounds but I have been stuck for a bit on the part of the summer that didn't happen for me.

I saw this quote and had a little ah ha moment

When you can't control what's happening,
challenge yourself to control the way you
respond to what's happening.
That is where the power is.

I have long said, " You always have a choice."  I guess I should work on practicing what I preach.


My youngest son is a trumpet player.  We had a whole lot of music this summer.  He went to Jazz Camp and he is currently at Band Camp for high school.  I love watching him play.  He is so fearless in this part of his life.  I love how he doesn't hold back. I have become a band mom.  Hey, I even got a fortune cookie that involved music.


Many of  you know I am a big podcast fan.  My favorite from this summer was a 2 part REPLY ALL
on a telephone scam - #102 Long Distance and Long Distance #103  I wish I was like Alex Goldman, kidding.  Would you let a scammer take control of your computer.  Would you visit your scammer in India? Listen to this.  It is SO good

August in Pictures

Charlie's New Best Friend
I was looking through my photo gallery on my phone and decided to show you some pictures from August.

Dahlia from Mrs Epi's Garden

Potato Harvest
I grow these in trash cans
trying on High School Uniform for band
Princess Quite A Lot mural painting
me at the fair
Eclipse Viewing
Finally Found Big Foot

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Wanderlust Linky

Michigan Has a Huge Lavender Labyrinth

The "Unlikely Hikers" Instagram - In some ways, I totally fit the unlikely hiker.  Sometimes it isn't pretty but I have 100%  made it back every time.  Ha ha

Bucket-List Oregon Coast Road Trip

One Foot Forever in Each Place - love, love, Teacher Tom.  My friend and I were talking about travel for kids and how important we think that is.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Trek Hike #6 - Cascade Pass Trail

Hike 6 for Trek for the Treasure was Cascade Pass Trail.  We did this hike on Tuesday of this week. Clocking in at 7 miles round trip. This one was a hard one for me with the elevation gain, biting black flies, switchbacks (33+), rock fields. I literally could not do it without my friend. Mrs Epi's prodding and coaching was essential to me making it to the top.  She is an amazing friend. Mrs Epi could of made it in half the time without me.
large rock field on way down mtn
photo by TT
Because I am pretty sure a switchback 16, I really wanted to turn around.  I think as we crossed the last rock field before the top I said to myself, "If the top isn't around the corner I am going to stop here and die." I am a bit dramatic.

I do think think it is one of the prettier hikes we have done.  The view from the top is definitely awe inspiring.
Team Fluffy Squirrels
photo by random stranger

View from Parking Lot
photo by Me
Parking Lot from trail looking down
photo by TT
I guess we missed seeing a bear playing in the snow by an hour.  Mrs Epi was super bummed because that is her life goal. We did see and hear Pikas.  Couldn't get a good picture.  There were lots of chipmunks on the trail.

On the way back to keep my mind off the trail.  I came up with a few hashtags.

#34plusswitchbacks, #notanordinaryday, #fatpeoplehike, #bandwidthexceeded, #mybffrocks, #breakingstereotypes, #unlikelyhikers, #notanotherswitchback, #alittlehelpfrommyfriends, #JesusJuice, #NoPainNoGain, # WhataView, # NOTdead, #Pika, #OnceinaLifeTime, #ReachedmyLimit, #JustMissedaBear, #GETMEoffThisMtn, #dustytrails, #girlwithpoles, #hikersuperhighway, #slowhiker, #EatmyDust

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What I Read August

I feel like I am having an odd summer.  I am having serious Wanderlust.  So this is what my reading selections are mainly reflecting. I am linking up with Modern Mrs Darcy's Quick Lit.  Check out what everyone else is reading.

Dear Bob and Sue - One Couple's Journey through the National Parks. This took me a bit to get into. This is written as a series of letters/emails to Bob and Sue friends of Matt and Karen Smith.  They visited all 59 National Parks.  They even visited American Samoa.  I think their journey is amazing.

At Home in the World by Tsh Oxenreider

" Choosing stability over volatility means staying put when life throws a curveball. It mean digging in your heels when the economy sends your housing price crashing, or when community crime rates skyrocket. Possibly harder, stability means staying put when life gets boring."

That spoke to me in my right now, right now.  I have a serious case of wanderlust.  My summer has been grounded for various reasons and quite frankly it is boring to me.  The closest thing to going anywhere is reading about it.

This book has been reviewed a lot so I am not going to do that and just say READ THIS.  It is interesting, thought provoking, and enjoyable.

Unearthed by Alexandra Risen

What is it with gardeners and uneasy relationships with their parents.  Alexander and her husband buy a house with a huge overgrown garden.  As they unearth the garden, Alexander has to confront her growing up in an immigrant household where people don't talk about the past. Similar in some ways to Orchard House which by the way I LOVED. I loved the map of the garden at the front of book.  I would of loved bigger pictures other than the one's on the inside of book cover. Overall I thought this was interesting book

Traveling Light by Lynee Branard

I really liked this light read.  Al (Alissa)  buys a storage locker and finds the ashes of Roger Hart.  She decides to get Rogers ashes back to his family in New Mexico.  Her adventure takes her across the country and along the way she picks up some other passengers including 17 year old Blossom.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Linky Love

Sometimes It Doesn't Get Any Easier  Lately, Modern Mrs Darcy has had some excellent posts.  This one is good.

NASA Responds To 9 Year Who Applied to Be a Guardian of the Galaxy

Here's Why You Need To Stop Cleaning Your Kitchen Sponges RIGHT NOW - Oye, I have been putting mine in dishwasher. I am a little bit grossed out.

Our Best Advice for College Students - this is most excellent though Emily Henderson is mainly a designer blogger.  I thought this was awesome advice.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Cut Flower Garden

Daisies from my Garden

I was so inspired by Floret Flowers I decided to have my own cut flower bed. What do I have in my cut flower garden bed?
Daisies ** I already grow these in another part of yard
Calendula** I already grow these in another part of yard

I have been a long time fan of zinnia's but have only had minimal success from seeds.  I decided to start indoors this time. I also transplanted them into my pallet garden where I am growing dahlia's. It wasn't an overwhelming success but there a few in there.

A pallet garden is simply a pallet that has ground cloth stapled to one side and filled with dirt.  This pallet is pretty large.

As of June 6th
as of July 23

Friday, August 11, 2017

Trek for the Treasure Hike #5 - Lime Kiln

We started out fairly early last Saturday with a large crew.  We even had Stan the dog.  Lime Kiln trail is located outside of Granite Falls.  The trail was cool with lots of little bridges and different terrain. The total mileage is 6.8 miles out and back.
Layout made with Digital Project Life
There are quite a few artifacts near the trail including the kiln.

We found the treasure after the kiln.  It was located by the river.  It was a great chance to give Stan a swim.
Photo by CRR
We only had one minor trail incident involving nettle.  Someone ended up being called, "Nettle Girl". Still no sight of Sasquatch. On the drive to the trail head, we heard a news story which involved a naked man who believed he was Sasquatch and attacked a hunter.

***Saw slug coitus on the trail.  It was a first.  I know TMI for most of my readers but it was pointed out to me.  Sharing is caring.

More details about trek for treasure - beginning, hike 1, hike 2, hike 3, hike 4

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

What I Learned July

Calendulas come in different colors from orange.  I had no idea.  No I am on a mission to get a different color.

Tomato Basil Rice Cakes

I saw this on Becky Higgins Instagram. Pair this with laughing cow cheese and this is really delish.

Plastic Trumpets

Yes, there is such a thing as Plastic Trumpets.  This type is called a ptrumpet. I have a trumpet player at home.