Sunday, December 4, 2016

Chrstmas Spirit Linky

Mary Did You Know is one of my favorite Christmas Songs

5 Lego Christmas Ornaments

Keeping Clutter Out of Christmas

December Daily - 3 Wise Men

We completed our outside lights.  It was the first time for the boys to be on the ladders.  My husband had knee surgery so no climbing for him.  Luckily a  couple years back, my husband had put permanent clips for the lights.  It is incredible how easy that makes it. I even took a turn on the ladder. I splurged and got some snowflake projectors to add to our display so it looks like snowflakes falling on our house. Keeping our fingers crossed we don't get any of the real white stuff.  We may not have snow but we are going to have flakes.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

December Daily - December 2

My friend made me take a hike on the wild side.  We saw lots of stuffed animals.

We ventured down to Cabelas to pick up an item.  We joked that this was our exercise hike for the day. We made several stops to get in some Christmas shopping. There is never a dull moment with the two us and today was no exception.. Mrs Epi managed to get complimented on her eyes and hair.

Friday, December 2, 2016

December Daily - Dec 1st

I thought I would participate in December Daily. It helps me to be in the season.


Today found me doing some before school care.  I had pulled out some of my decorations and found a Lego Christmas Tree that went nicely with the reindeer that my young charge had made earlier in the week. My older my older son contributed a Santa Mini figure. A sled was made to attach to our reindeer. Our Christmas scene was complete.

I also got to go to the Princess of Quite A Lot's dance recital. I am always amazed by these young dancers.  The Princess of Quite A Lot did awesome as the inn keeper's wife.  This program always puts me in the Christmas mood.  I love the little dancers and this year the littlest dancers - The sheep did not disappoint.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Post Thanksgiving Link Love

Now that most of us have successfully survived Thanksgiving, It is time t get in the Christmas mood

Christmas Playlists 

Mom Closes Living Room Until Thanksgiving - I wonder if the living room was pristine for Thanksgiving and Mom will also make it off limits for Christmas. THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS THAT GO THROUGH MY MIND

Micheal's Makers 2016 Dream Tree Challenge - If you need Christmas Tree inspiration, no need to look any farther.


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Autism Linky

Free to be Me, Kinda

Psychological Damage Caused by Using Government Supported Disability Services

Including, Embrace,And  Support - How to be a Friend to a Family with a Special Needs Child - As always Ali has said it so well.  I am so lucky to have friends and family on my team. I couldn't  do it without them.

A Simple But Powerful to Destigmatize Learning Differences - This is so cool.  I wish my kids schools would have done that.  There is a lot of shame in having a learning difference.  That shame prevents kids from using supports.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Windy Walk on the Wild Side

View off of Chuckanut Drive
I decided for my birthday I would like to go for a drive.  We drove the scenic Chuckanut drive.  We grabbed 2 geocacahes along the way in which I managed to get muddy and wet shoes. It is the curse of the Pacific Northwest.

I had suggested driving to Anacortes but on the way we decided that we should walk the length of the Deception Pass Bridge.  It was something neither my Husband or I had ever done.  We had often stopped in the middle to admire the view.  The Deception Pass Bridge spans both Deception Pass and Canoe Pass. So we parked on one side of the bridge and began our adventure.  It was windy and a little disconcerting looking down 180 feet.   As we got close to the middle island, the wind seemed to pick up a bit but we decided to keep going.

Selfie with Bridge
Like my wind blown look?
We crossed over to the other side of the bridge the wind was at our back.  However walking the entire length back it started to rain and the wind really picked up.  We were having trouble walking.  It made me extremely nervous when my Husband grabbed both handrails.  The wind was whipping my hair so bad I couldn't see in front of me.  When I got home I looked up the wind forecast, the wind was gusting between 15 mph and 25 mph while we were on the bridge. YIKES!  Yep, we were the crazy people walking the bridge.

That was definitely a birthday adventure!!!