Saturday, August 15, 2020

What I Read August

I am linking up to Quick Lit hosted by the wonderful Modern Mrs Darcy. Check out what everyone else is reading. 

I received another hold from Modern Mrs Darcy's Summer Reading List. I actually had forgotten that I requested it.

Code Name Helene by Ariel Lawhon
This work of fiction is based on the real life of Nancy Wake. Nancy was an Australian expat living in France who bluff her way into a reporting job for Hearst publishing. She married a wealthy Frenchman and when the war came became part of the resistance and later part of the British Special Operations. The book is broken down by all her code names. Nancy is amazing and fearless. This was a great compelling read. You can't but help but root for her. The operations she ran were complicated.  She was the most decorated woman of World War II. Perhaps the best read of my summer.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Wordy Wednesday

This letter board is actually by something that my husband has been saying. Just try to do a little better at things. Change and improvement happens little by little.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Happy Birthday Mom

We took on a special photo project to celebrate my Mom's big day. Unfortunately, our immediate family is split geographically currently and we also live a long way from my Mom. We wanted to send a special birthday message.

What's on my bucket List

The prompt for my modern story this week was make a bucket list. Back in 2014 I had made one on my blog. My bucket list is mainly a travel bucket list.

Ride the Hiawatha Trail (Complete)
Hawaii (Maui) - We had wanted to do this for our 25th anniversary this year. Not going to happen
Glacier National Park
Crater Lake
See the Northern Lights in Iceland

Drive the ET Highway and do the geocaches along the way. (Complete)

There are a few more that I crossed off my bucket list that weren't on that list

Tulips in Mount Vernon, WA (complete)
Oyster Dome (complete)

Def Lepard in Vegas (complete)
Whale Watch Cruise (complete)

Of course there are a few I would like to add.

Walk the Camino Del Santiago in Spain
Mt Rainier - I have been here but would there is still a lot I would like to see
Mount Saint Helens
Olympic Park

Of course the prompt led me to other bucket lists I have. I have some genealogy bucket list items as well. I think that is a post for another day.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Northern State Recreational Area

Abandoned building. Actually had a tree growing out of lower roof
window in abandoned building
Part of the Northern State Recreational Area encompasses some of the former grounds of the Northern State Hospital(mental hospital). The hospital was closed in 1973 and part of the facilities are used for Job Corp and a drug rehab.

Our hike/walk this past week took us on the historical route around the former Northern State Hospital and Grounds. Much of this trail was on paved road. This is the first time me and my family visited. It was about 45 minutes away. The recreation area also includes a large frisbee golf course, covered area, restrooms (closed due to COVID). There are some historical markers.

The buildings of the hospital were designed in a Spanish Revival Style. The actual grounds are quite pretty with big trees and sprawling lawns. The son of the designer of Central Park designed the grounds.
Chapel Stain Glass

Chapel - Didn't realize my youngest had his tongue stuck out
During its early conception the whole hospital was self sufficient with crops, dairy, cattle, and food processing. The original site included 700 acres of farmland. Considered quite progressive at the time sought to give patient vocational skills. The dairy was constructed of concrete by the patients. Most of the farm building have lots of graffiti. I love the cupolas

Another local blogger took some pictures in the dairy area - Renee at Little Earthling.

On the creepy scale this is mildly creepy. I wouldn't want to hang around at dark. This was a easy trail. Some spots on trail are crossed by a Frisbee golf course so be on look out. On the Sunday we were there it was quite busy with Frisbee golfers. The course runs somewhat along trail.

More information on Northern State Hospital

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Weekly Roll

Samish Overlook - Bellingham WA
Quarantine Thoughts
These are the voices bouncing around my head this week. These are my totally inappropriate thoughts

Mask acne is a thing. OYE. You don't even need make- up below the nose. Think about it. The make up industry might be taking a hit on this.

Don't you think hiking outside would be one of the safest activities you can do. Masked hiking is weird. Yes I know some trails are narrow and busy. Yes, I hike with a face covering I pull up when I pass other hikers.

I took my sons for a walk/hike around a old mental hospital - Northern State (Northern State Recreational Area). That is weird right. This is how I bond with my sons. Ha Ha

My best friend made me this. I am definitely going to sparkle like a unicorn. 2020 can't take me down.

Podcast to Listen To 
Pantsuit Politics - Problems and Priorities in Education - This is excellent especially the summary at the end. I have a lot of anxiety around sending my youngest son back to My school this fall. This will be his senior year. Digital online learning was pretty much a bust in our area. We had the technology but execution was awful.
Bellingham Marina
Linky Love
Why I love these Chaco flip flops - My friends swear by the Chaco sandals

COVID19 - Unpredictably Triggers Challenging Behaviors - Good article on Autism and COVID

10 Powerful Habits That Will Help You Become Your Best Self

My Friend shared this documentary on Facebook. It is showing on some PBS stations. I think I missed the showing in our area. It looks very fascinating. More information about Vertical Harvest

Loaf Report
Took last week off of sourdough. We still had our Sunday Sourdough Waffles. These weeks loaves look and taste pretty good. We missed our fresh sourdough.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

What are 3 things that are bringing me Joy at the Moment

Becky Higgins project life creator. Has started a new Instagram account called MyModernStory. The "What are 3 things bringing your Joy" is a writing/journal prompt from there. It was last weeks journal prompt. Project Life App has released new editorial templates for IOS products (apple) but I have an android. I thought I would play along anyways. When the editorial templates come out for android, I will be ready.

Oh non dairy creamer is bringing me immense JOY! I have turned a corner from being a black coffee drinker to a creamer type of gal. Coffee is life.

My flowers make me smile. I have a small cut flower garden and I enjoy making mason jar vase bouquets. I have been spending a lot of time out in my yard due to COVID.

I am still playing my electric keyboard. It is the number one thing that I do that  makes me feel calmer. I don't know what about it that makes me feel calmer. Maybe that I am in total control of how it is going to sound. The world feels a bit out of control.  I think we all can relate to that.  I am so thankful my Mom saved all my piano music.