Thursday, October 22, 2015

Diary of a Mediocre Homemaker- I have slipped into the Seahawk Worm Hole

Dear Diary,
 I can't believe I am admitting this.  I am a 12.  You know a Seattle Seahawk fan.  (This season has been rough to be a Seahawks fan.) I know the players.  I wear blue on Blue Fridays.  I actually talked football with my girl friend. For gosh sakes, I am from Colorado.  Bronco fans are no joke. I even smack talked with my nephew who is a Bronco fan. I  made a Seahawks wreath.  The wreath is made out of dyed coffee filters. They play tonight - San Francisco . GO HAWKS!

I AM IN DEEP! Maybe it is the subliminal messages I am receiving as I drive around town.

I haven't gone as far as this commercial below.  

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