Friday, October 30, 2015

What I Learned October

1. Do you know the difference between Flotsam and Jetsam? 
My husband I had a whole discussion about these two words.

Flotsam- wreckage from a ship found floating
Jetsam- goods cast overboard

These two words are also discussed in our County Reads Book - A Tale for the Time Being (my review)

2. The Beach is good for the Soul
We live relative close to the beach but we rarely go there.  We have been making more of an effort to go to the beach.  Just a few pics of our adventures.
Large Beach Fort made of driftwood
Bench made with Driftwood

3. I learned I could write A LOT.
I did some writing for an application for my son for services.  He taught me to use Google Documents. I finished my 31 Day series - Diary of a Mediocre Homemaker.  Lastly, I wrote a letter to the editor to support a candidate for mayor.  I have never felt moved to do that before.The letter was in response to a particularly nasty letter from a fellow veteran.  Below is my imperfect letter.
In a letter to the editor October 12, Jon Mutchler was unfairly characterized as unpatriotic. I am veteran and I don’t feel that serving your country has to happen on a battlefield. Nor do you need to be a police officer or first responder to understand the issues of public safety. I have been Jon’s neighbor for over 10 years and Jon is nothing but patriotic . By the nature of his profession, Jon has frequently responded to those on their worst day and in crisis. Jon Mutchler has served the Ferndale community as a Pastor for 30 years and recently as a City Council member for 6 years. Jon Mutchler has raised 7 kids in the community of Ferndale. He is serious about serving the community and has dedicated a lot of time and effort into making Ferndale a great place to live. Please elect Jon Mutchler the next mayor of Ferndale.

Liked this life hack - 8 Amazing Things Will Happen When You Write Everyday.

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  1. Coming over from Emily's link list and glad to read your October lessons. love learning new words too and love the beach and ocean, like you. I really enjoy doing this practice each month and finding new sites like yours! Blessings!