Sunday, October 11, 2015

Diary of a Mediocre Homemaker - 31 Dayers Linky Love

Dear Diary
When you are writing every day for 31 days, it is exhausting.  It is EVEN exhausting when you have a lot of your posts pre-written. Part of participating in 31 Days is discovering new to you blogs.  There are some amazing bloggers participating. I feel guilty not being able to read  each and everyone during the series

Can you send these bloggers some love. I am just sharing a few categories ( 4 out of the 9) and my picks in those categories  You can also check it out for yourself over at Write31Days

Family Category

31 Days on Thoughts and Tips on Transition ( My Daily Bread and Butter) 
This series appeals to me because I am going through a transition as well all be it slightly different.

Kids in the Kitchen You got to check out the pumpkin pop tarts

Fashion And Beauty

Walmart 31 Day Fashion Challenge

Food, Health, and Wellness

124 Miles of Movement  Awesome photos and inspiration

31 Days of Amish Recipes - Her series last year was awesome as well, Stories from my Amish Family

House and Home

Organization for Normal People - I have a well documented love for Life as Mom .  I use her post it to do list.

******Check out my entire series - Diary of Mediocre Homemaker

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