Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kangaroo Farm

Giant Man Child and Kangaroo

It has long been on Mrs Epi's list to visit the Kangaroo Farm in Arlington, WA. I can proudly say that we can cross that one off the list. It was definitely interesting and they really had a lot of kangaroo's. They also had llamas, chickens, ring tailed lemurs, turkey's, donkey's, emu's, and ostrich's. We all petted the Kangaroo's even Mrs Epi. The largest Kangaroo, Jack, had the softest fur much like fleece. We got to feed the kangaroos bits of bread and special food pellets. All the kids held the baby joey. Many people tried to convince me to hold the pellet in my mouth to feed the llama. JUST SAY NO. There were people on our tour who did it but I just couldn't go through with it. It makes my mouth feel dirty just thinking about it.

Chuckles, #1 Son, and Giant Man Child

Bones, Her Highness, and Ms Smarty Pants

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The End of Summer

Above is a picture of Back to School 2007. I particularly love Chuckles expression. (Notice the frown) This picture cracks me up. Summer is winding down. The school supplies have been bought. This year I send my children to two different schools . #1 son will be in a special program at a school he has never attended and will have all new people he will be working with. #1 Son will be in the 5th grade. Hopefully, he will also ride the bus. Chuckles will go to the new school behind our house. He will be going to all day Kindergarten. He has NO IDEA what he is in for. School here starts on the 3rd and really Chuckles won't go all day until the 8th. I can't wait to share back to school pictures on the 3rd.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Delays and Silver Linings

The TV was paused on this , "Fight Boring",this morning. I thought that was the perfect motto for Mrs Epi and me. We embarked on end of summer adventure with the kids to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. As always, it was full of adventure. We watched a Speed Super Speedway Film at the Imax there. Mario Anderitti was the main character and he was describing how dangerous racing was for his family but the silver lining is that he got to do with his family. So I am going to put our whole day in the perspective of the silver lining.

45 minutes to park

Silver lining: We parked by the Olympic Sculpture Park that none of us had ever been to. We ate lunch here. We watched the ferry and the train carrying 3 jet liner bodies. Awesome!

Chuckles jumping out at me from behind the giant traffic cone

crazy people/stimulation of the Pacific Science Center
silver lining: We did it with our kids and friends. Yes, they will remember Lego races, bending pennies, butterflies, and an emperor scorpion.

rain, lightening, and crazy rush hour traffic

silver lining: I got to ride along with one of my favorite people, Mrs Epi. I really appreciate her driving. YOU are the bomb! It was actually quiet as all the children were plugged into electronic devices.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I heart Neosporin

We go through neosporin at our house like toilet paper, seriously. Part of the problem is we have the two man wrecking crew and the second part is the little tube always seems to get misplaced. When I went to buy some today, the little tube came with a little plastic case with a magnet on the back. Now, I will never lose the neosporin. Well, maybe not never, but you get the general idea. Because, look below, this is the stuff I've got to deal with.

Face Meet Bike Handles

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Sign

We spent much of Thursday at American Lake. If the sign above wasn't discouraging enough it rained (poured) much of the time we were there. Nonna's work had a family fun day there. We did lots of hiking, blackberry eating, and exploring.

View of the lake

Friday, August 22, 2008

Lego Contest Winners

Here is the library link of all the contest winners from the July Lego Contest. #1 son had to rebuild his for the final photo.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Linky Monday

I am just going to call Monday, Linky Monday. This is stuff that made me laugh or just inspired me so I thought I would pass it along.

tip nut-My sister, The Polyester Princess, gave me this linky and it is a keeper.

Fail Blog - the pictures on this website speak for themselves

Rocks in my Dryer This post about Kindergarten hit home with me. My Crazy Wonderful Life also had a good kindy post. If the teacher gives me a cotton ball and a parent care kit, I might lose it. Chuckles starts Kindy in 2 short weeks. I am a little anxious about this. More about that as we get closer to the 1st day of kindergarten. Contrary to popular belief, I won't drop him off and run. LOL

Pacific Scents I just realized I have never given a shout out to Mars who sells awesome scented products. (lotions, scrubs, tarts) Just thinking about Pacific Scents makes me want to turn on my tart burner.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Look What I got!

First, get your mind out of the gutter. This is a banana guard for your lunch pail (box). Mrs Epi thought I needed one of these. The color is purple passion. There will be no more bruised bananas for me.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cat Blur

This is what a cat looks like when it is discovered by my two dogs. We were visiting Nonna's House and I stopped to take a picture of the neighbor's cat, Butterscotch, when my dogs discovered the same cat. We had them penned up on the deck but our temporary barricade was no match for dogs in pursuit of a cat. Needless to say the cat was a blur. Butterscotch was not harmed. In fact, that darn cat kept coming back for more.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Chuckles took this picture of himself a couple weeks ago. It cracks me up.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I screamed with glee!

My view improved a 100% yesterday. The construction company removed the trailer behind my house. I screamed like a little girl. It has been stressful and noisy living next to a construction site. Here is the before picture. Before

I miss the below view the most though. I guess it the cost of progress or the cost of education.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Link Love

Hey, my butterfly bush actually attracted a butterfly.
It is Monday so I just thought I would share some blog love. In other words, I have no profound thoughts of my own, right at the moment. Hey, no wise cracks from the peanut gallery (Ms Polyester Princess or Mrs Epi) Here are some blogs that have been inspiring me.

With Great Joy - "The Voice of God" - This post cracks me up in a good way. I have an early riser so I understand. This is a sweet story.
Flipflops and Applesauce- fun family ideas
Make and Takes - crafty ideas
Creative Junkie -Mom's Night out (funny)

A Thousand Words - love the kids artwork idea. I might do something like this in Chuckles room.
Fifi Banjello - the apron Carol made is just adorable. I know Carol in IRL (in real life) and she is adorable and crafty. Check out her Etsy shop, too.

Clone Wars- This is proof I live in a male dominated household. My kids are begging me to take them to this on opening day- August 15th. I told them they are crazy. If and when we go, I am hoping I don't have to go and the Giant Man Child will want to go.

Bremerton, Anyone

The photo above is similar to that of Howard Bach of the US Badminton Team. His photo is better but he was probably a lot more cooperative.

For whatever reason, #1 son didn't know what badminton was called so he called it bremerton. Mrs Respiratory and family started the badminton rage on our street. The kids and adults have been playing a lot. #1 Son got a badminton set for his birthday and has been playing constantly. So, Mom and Dad have been getting a real workout. IF you have ever played badminton with children, you know the birdie gets dropped constantly and what exactly is a rally. I think I have strained my butt muscles. I might possibly have badminton butt. But all kidding aside, we have been having a great time playing. I am also for encouraging kids to get outside and exercise. Badminton is also an Olympic sport which our son has been constantly reminding us. Badminton tickets were the first to sell out for the Beijing Olympics. The U.S.A. has 5 players in the Olympics. I hope I get to see some real pros playing. Watch this long rally.

The above is what I strive for, a rally of more than 2 hits. LOL Here is a funny badminton commercial.

I think I have bored you enough with my badminton obsession.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday "BIG E"

To my neighbor and Friend
Happy 5th Birthday!
Welcome to fabulous FIVE


This is how we ended our day yesterday. Isn't that an amazing sunset. We got the chance to go out crab fishing on a boat. One of the Giant Man Child's co-workers graciously took us. We got 6 crab. The boys had never done that. They were excellent sailors.


The best part is we get to eat crab today. Since it was already cleaned and cooked yesterday.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Human tetris

Just because it is funny. Check out Human Tetris

Renegade Sea Lion

My sister, the Polyester Princess, saw a post on the 9news in Denver about a local Ferndale, Washington family and a sea lion who invited itself up on to their boat. Sure enough our local paper had an article with a picture.

The Adventures of Mrs Epi and Me

Bones - age 6 or aka velcro boy

Mrs Epi and I have been torturing our children all summer long by doing various adventures. This past weekend we went to her hubby's company picnic and then up to Drayton Habor.

Her Highness put all the boys to shame on this moving surf board. She stayed on the longest. Of course, she had it all figured out.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shout Out

Just want to send a shout out to Shane at the ADHD & LD Resource Blog. I won a book from her online store during her feed drive. I was quite surprise and delighted. As a parent to a child with ADHD, I am always looking for resources and information. I have found that her blog is an invaluable resource. There is so much information out there on the web about learning disabilities and ADHD. It is overwhelming. This is one of the best unbiased resources out there.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Double Digits

My 1st born is 10 years old, today. My friend told me there is something special about turning double digits. I think she might be onto something. Back in preschool a little girl told your teacher, you were the Cody with the big heart. That still holds true.

These are some my favorite pictures of you. You were never very small. You came into this world at 9lbs 13oz.

You are a Big Brother, Nintendo DS lover, Lego Builder, picture taker, late night reader, adventure seeker, early morning scooter rider, and closet singer. Happy Birthday! We love you! Welcome to the double digits.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, MOM!

My Mom got a new bike. We sent her for her Birthday a bike bell and the above license plate for her bike. For some unknown reason, she won't send me a picture of her on her bike. So leave a comment if you would like to see a picture of her on her bike-just kidding. It will be a cold day in hell before I get that picture. All kidding aside, Happy Birthday MOM! Sending you the best Birthday wishes across the miles.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Free Time

It has been so nice to have some free time without kids this past week. The kids have been in VBS in the evening and the Giant Man Child has been out of town. The kids have been loving the Power Lab themed VBS and I have been enjoying a few quiet evenings. I have been feeling crafty. Here is the results of my craftiness. This is a baby rag quilt.