Friday, October 30, 2015

Confessions of Mediocre Homemaker- Hunt and Feed Strategy

Dear Diary
Why does grocery store feel like an exotic culinary hunt?  I pretty sure my Mom never had to puzzle over white rice, quinoa, brown rice, jasmine rice.  There was no such thing as GLUTEN FREE. At our family dinner table there was simply take it or leave it.

Why does grocery store shopping feel a lot like some exotic hunting trip?  I am pretty sure my mother never had such variety when shopping in the 70's.   I become overwhelmed grocery shopping and I shop with a list.  To relieve some of the What is for Dinner pressure, I menu plan.  I love ideas from Pinterest.

I am lucky to have time to cook dinner every night. My go to is to keep things simple.  Someone suggested that I make list of all the beef, chicken, fish options that my family likes. I then purchase what protein is on sale and I know I can make these meals from my family approved list. I keep this at the front of my recipe binder.  It helps my mental meal planning block.

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