Tuesday, September 30, 2008

M & M cookies

My oldest son is really into reality shows specifically The Amazing Race and The Biggest Loser. Sunday was the premiere of the new season of "The Amazing Race". It is one of his quirks. He requested M & M cookies for a kinda tailgate party for the show. I have never made M & M cookies before. So, I researched all recipes and came up with these. We used Halloween M&M's.
These were definitely a hit. I don't think Reality Shows are appropriate for every kid. But we do a lot of talking about team work because I do believe this show accurately shows team dynamics in a very dramatic way. We also talk about about the countries they visit. On Sunday, we actually got out the map and found Brazil. Brazil was the first country they visited.

Monday, September 29, 2008


EEK is how I feel. I have that stuffy head feeling with a touch of I gotta have a nap feeling. I generally don't get ill but this runny then stuffy stuff has got me in its clutches. I actually took a nap after all my charges left for school. It is funny how Fox news puts one to sleep. The picture above is of our rat. He usually lives in our garage but at Halloween comes out. The EEK picture frame idea came from here. My dollar store only had a frame with a 2 openings and a mirror so I just fit my EEK over the top. Joys of Home also has some other dollar store projects so check out her website. I wish I could think outside the box like her. I am also starting Ali Edwards week in review project. Next week, I will be updating with the results of my project.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

27 cents

I believe Mrs Epi and I hit the jackpot yesterday at the Salvation Army. I was able to get this large heavy bookcase for 27 cents. Yes, you read that right. All red tags were 25 cents. We originally thought all red tags were only 75% off. So this $20 bookcase was 27 cents for me. I think I am going paint it black and put in Chuckles room. A thing of Clorox wipes and a can of paint plus some large buff guys to move this and we are good to go.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Amusement

fail owned pwned pictures
It is a rainy fall day in the Pacific Northwest so I figured we all needed some amusement. Check out Fail Blog Also check out the $10 Sharpie Decor. That person has entirely too much time on their hands.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shrek the Musical

#1 Son - age 10

Chuckles - Age 6
Nonna for Pappy's 88th Birthday got all tickets to see Shrek the Musical. We had a really good time. The whole show was awesome. I really like the scenes involving the dragon. The kids did a great job sitting through the show which was about 3 hours long with intermission. We followed the show with an equally impressive meal at the top of the Hilton. Despite itbeing rainey day, the view was still incredible as you could see the waterfront and various high rises. The waiters got a kick out of the kids wearing their shrek ears. Of course, some of the adults needed to wear them too.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thrift Finds


The Diva

Last week, I got a jumbo bag of these. You can't beat it for a $1.99. So, I added these to our growing collection. My find this week also was a $1.99. Do you see a theme?

How could I pass up a bowl with my initial on it? The fabric is in there to highlight the "H". So what should I do with this beauty?
edited to add
My Sister, The Polyester Princess, made these suggestions:
I think it should be your new cereal bowl. or maybe you need to buy a fish.
Feel free to leave a comment on what you think I need to do with it. Keep it clean.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Things that I am working on

Boo Sign that I made with mini foam pumpkins. The idea is from here. What do you think of my adaptation? This was a pretty cheap project under $5 as I already had the candlesticks. Walgreen's also has the same sized pumpkins but they are ceramic but I had already purchased the foam ones at Walmart. I have a small candlestick collection which I used to display some vintage Christmas Balls and eggs at Easter. (See Below)

I also made applesauce with my friend and cohort Mrs Epi. Her Highness taught me how to ice skate with ziplocs. Clever! I plan to do this in my free time.

I also need to get back to some sewing. Here are some interesting tips on folding fabric for all of you material girls. My organization is lacking in this area - heck all areas. I am itching to do some of these projects at crazy mom quilts. The pin cushion and the checkbook cover look fun.

Lastly, I ran across this new series of kids books for ages 10-14 and it sounded interesting. It is called 39 clues. I think this would be right up #1 son's alley. I don't think I will mind reading these either.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I think this video while a campaign ad sums up a lot of my thoughts. On this day of remembrance, I think so many of us can say exactly where we were on Sept 11th when those planes ripped through the twin towers. Whether you agree with the present politics or not, the world we live in was changed forever.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Look who is knocking

This is what was knocking at my sister's door. This isn't the Avon Lady. YIKES!
edited 9/9/08 to add
For 9/9/08 this little guy is on the front of the Loveland Reporter Hearld

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Grandparent's Day

My kids have terrific grandparents.

We have grandpa and grandma.
We have Cliff and Nonna

Photo of Cliff by the Kids

And we have Great Grandpa who we call Pappy

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kindergarten Orientation

Despite all the Mommy drama yesterday, we went to Kindergarten. Chuckles was so excited to wear his new clothes and backpack. Giant Man Child and I took him. We got to see his classroom and help with an art project . Chuckles got to go to recess and do his first project in Kindergarten. Us lucky adults, got to listen to the teachers. This class is a job share. So, he gets two great teachers. On Monday, Chuckles will go all day to Kindergarten. FUN!

Friday, September 5, 2008


I just wanted to add an update. The bus situation has been resolved. I believe. There were a lot of tears shed on my part. It shouldn't take a parent getting upset to get things done. (enough said) On Monday, #1 son gets to ride the bus. We are making progress and my hair won't get any more gray.

Things that irritate me

Oh, there is no picture for this. You will have to use your imagination. I just introduced myself to the plumber at the school site behind my house in my PJ's. Yes, Pj's. Some yo-ho decided to turn around his vehicle with noisy trailer behind my house. I went out to chase him down. In the process, I met the plumber that is finishing off the school. His name is Bill. He thought it was stupid for the guy to turn around there too. Did I mention it was 6am and there is a perfectly good parking lot to turn around in?

Open Letter to Ferndale School District

For the past 8 to 9 months, I have put up with the loud construction noise starting as early as 5;30 am. Did I mention that it has been Monday through Saturday? I am DONE. I have had to look at your lovely honey pot from my dining room window. I am DONE. When are you going to be finished? Just be done - alright. I am tired. I need a full nights sleep. This was my one day to sleep in to the lovely hour of 7. It is my hubby's day off, today. He doesn't have weekends off and I have Mr Early Riser. Yes, there are actually people who don't work Monday through Friday and don't go to work before 5:30 am. Or maybe they just don't announce it to an entire neighborhood.

On top of this, you can't seem to get my #1 son from point A to B. EVEN THOUGH there is a perfectly good bus that is a transfer bus from the school behind my house. I have evidently been a bad parent for leaving multiple messages for someone in special services. I didn't call there on my own accord. I was directed by the principal. The only one who really returns messages is the receptionist at the school district office. She is special. She has voice mail. Renee in special services you made me cry on the first day of school. You should not be dealing with special needs parents. My son was starting a new program. He has anxiety and ADHD. Now, my son will have to negotiate a very steep hill and cross two major road ways. Isn't that special. Did I mention he has ADHD and has poor impulse control and the walk is about 25 minutes to a 1/2 hour. It is probably over a mile. That the main streets he has to cross are home to two elementary schools. I am not bitter. Did I mention there are only 5 kids on this transfer bus? I AM DONE! Now I have ANXIETY. I suppose if I complain you will evict him from this great program. There is no complaining, or returning phone calls, or notes. Sorry, we parents didn't approve the precious bond. So parents DON'T ASK FOR ANYTHING OR WE WILL TAKE IT AWAY. There is no money in our district for communication. I am DONE!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back to School

The 1st day of School was yesterday. Chuckles went to the new school behind our house and got assessed for Kindergarten and #1 Son headed to a school down a hill from us. We had a bus set back but we will get it figured out or get really in shape. Here is a little Back to School Pep talk.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Last Run of the Season

Yesterday was the last run of the season for the Jetty Island Ferry in Everett. As a continuation of the ,"The Adventures of Heather and Mrs Epi ", we took the children (motley crew) to enjoy the island. I think we need to put this on our list next year for a sunny day. It was very overcast and chilly but the kids enjoyed the sand, seaweed, and driftwood. Mrs Epi and I held down the beach. LOL


Ms Smarty Pants

Monday, September 1, 2008

Linky Monday

I don't know why that commercial cracks me up. I know, I am easily amused. Hey, it is a holiday weekend for those of you who don't have to work it. That sounded a little bit snarky. So, I have no new adventures and very little new thoughts on this Monday so it definitely is a linky Monday .

New School School is front page news in the local paper.

Baby on Bored - Her supermom/super liar post is great.

One Pretty Thing - tons of great ideas