Tuesday, June 30, 2009

#1 Son, Fast Eddy, Chuckles, and Sasquatch
The Polyester Princess has flown home with her children. I had an awesome time getting to know my nephews and hanging out. We had a few (billion) Kodak moments. It is in the blood. My oldest nephew threatened to weigh his mother's digital camera because of all the pictures she took. We laughed a lot. We got to see Brian Regan perform- the adults. A few of us made a trip up the Space Needle. Some rocks, beach glass, and shells were packed in suitcases. Hopefully, it isn't too fishy. The cupboards are a little more bare. We weren't quite eaten out of house and home. I am already plotting my sister's return trip. BE VERY AFRAID!

Chuckles and Fast Eddy

Sasquatch log surfing

Giant Man Child and Fast Eddy

Chuckles, Polyester Princess, Fast Eddy, Myself, #1 Son

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson Tribute

Here is our town's tribute to Michael Jackson. If graffiti doesn't say beloved then what does?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Relucant Subjects

We are having a great time showing the Polyester Princess and entourage around. My sister and I love to take pictures. I mean a lot of pictures. Our children didn't really seem that interested. Don't worry I have photographic proof !

Do you see Chuckles rolling around in the background?

The Polyester Princess chasing around her oldest son trying to get a decent picture.

The only decent picture I have of my oldest nephew. This is part of the relative witness protection program. Hey, I got 90%!

Don't they look thrilled? This just screams take my picture.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Today the Polyester Princess is coming with her kiddos, my nephews. I will try to update during their visit. I AM SO EXCITED.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Get Movin'

Chuckles, #1 Son, The Princess, Ms Smarty Pants, and Bones

On Saturday, we went to the Get Movin' Summer Kick-off Event with Mrs Epi and Family. Get Movin' is a program to promote healthy active families. The kids really enjoyed running the mini hurdles.

Ms Smarty Pants and The Princess

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Trails

Just had to share some graduation pictures of Chuckles. He kept saying that he was graduating from College. It was too funny. I have a lot explaining to do as in you are going to 1st grade. They sang 3 songs - baby beluga, We Are Going to 1st Grade (sang to NY, NY), and Happy Trails. I have to admit that I teared up on the Happy Trail song.

As a special treat, we all went to see "UP". It seemed appropriate to do it with Mrs Epi and her adventure van crew.

Last Day

Last Day 2008-2009 School Year

It is official. Today is the last day of school. A whole summer free of early releases, field trips, IEP's, point sheets, conferences. I am actually looking forward to the phrase, "I'm bored!" Look for a post in the middle of summer where I say, "I can't take it!" Hope always springs eternal at the beginning of the summer. I only see rainbows and lollipops.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

1 more Day

Tomorrow is the last day of school but who is counting. LOL This is a journal writing for Chuckles on his summer plans.
Translation: Soon school will b(e) out for the summer. First, I will play with my Legos. Next I will play outside. Last I will Lego (the rest is garble that even Chuck doesn't know what it says)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Alien Visitors and Abductions

The school year is FINALLY winding down. The last day of school is the 19th. All the notebooks, papers, and projects are being brought home. I was thumbing through one of #1 Son's notebooks and I found the drawing below and it just cracked me up.
I think this could explain some of the missing homework assignments - really this could explain a lot of things.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hopeless Man Thinking

This month's Family Handyman magazine(July/August 2009) made me giggle. The caption on the front says, "Rent a MONSTER tool to save time (have a blast, too)." If that doesn't say manly, I don't know what does. The front cover practically grunted at me. I generally like to flip through this magazine and stop at the back section to read the funny homeowner mess ups. Hey, misery loves company. I stopped in this issue at the article about the automatic-start weed trimmer and thought that was genius - a woman definitely invented this. A weed whacker that starts at the touch of a button. The weed whacker at my house quite frankly scares me. At my house, I am the one who mows and The Giant Man Child does the weed whacking. The main reason I don't weed whack is because I don't know how to start the darn thing. Our weed whacker is so complicated to start. So you probably know, how often weed whacking occurs at our house. The article basically repeated my own situation that the wife mows but refuses to use the weed whacker. The article practically advocates MEN buying this weed whacker so they will never have to participate in lawn care ever again. I call this "Hopeless Man Thinking" as in I hope the Giant Man Child didn't see it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thrifting Mojo

Yesterday, Mrs Epi and I and our lucky charm "the Queen of Quite A Lot" went to our favorite thrift haunt. It was our last hurrah before all our kids were out of school. The very first thing I saw was this lovely footed amber madrid fruit bowl.
I have collected amber madrid since High School. Back in the day, I was the budding romantic and was collecting it for my hope chest. Do girls even do that now a days? The bowl was in great shape and I purchased it. I got it for $18. It was marked $24 but Goodwill has a policy on collectibles that have been there 90 days or more to mark them down 30%. Mrs Epi and I usually hit this place up every other month as it is about a 40 minute drive to get to. I must of just missed seeing it the last time I was there. Mrs Epi also did quite well scoring some little Wade Tea figurines for her collection and some salt shakers too.

Friday, June 12, 2009


My roses are going crazy blooming. They make me think of my Grandmother's roses. She had over 50 rose bushes. At least, one bush for every year of marriage. That is a lot of roses. She often floated them in bowls. I am very lucky to have 3 of my husband's grandmother's rose bushes. They traveled with us from our home in Chula Vista, CA to here in the Pacific Northwest over 5 years ago. Out of the 5 we brought up here, 3 still survive.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baking Day

On Tuesday, I had a baking day. I do this occasionally. I like to do it if I know I will have company. IN CASE YOU DIDN'T HEAR, the Polyester Princess is coming for a visit in 13 days but who is counting. Hospitality to me means fresh baked goods. I made pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough, banana mini muffins, pizza rolls and potato salad. Before you start patting me on the back, I had the usual mishaps. I overfilled the mini muffin pan. The muffins were more like muffin tops. I forgot to add in some cinnamon and vanilla. Despite all of this, I noticed that they disappeared at an alarming rate. I also ran out of pepperoni for the pizza rolls. I had enough to make 6 out of the 8 rolls. The muffins and the salad got eaten and the dough and rolls got frozen.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Port of Everett Farmer's Market

On Sunday, we met Nonna, Cliff, and Pappy in Everett for brunch at our favorite restaurant for a little belated birthday brunch for Chuckles. We also went over to the Port Everett after brunch and checked out the farmer's market at the port. There were a lot of vendors with cut flowers. Nonna got a lovely bouquet for a red vase she also purchased at the market.

Pappy, Chuckles, Nonna, and #1 Son

The Diva is holding the hot dog/marshmallow stick that Nonna bought us.

Yes, it is made from a golf club and there is a real fork at the end. I foresee lots of perfectly roasted marshmallows.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Incredible Plant Stand DIY

I have had a few questions on the incredible plant stand. I wish I had taken a actual picture of the plant stand structure. There is a similar DIY concept and it is called a Tispy Pot.

Point Whitehorn Park

I saw an article in the newspaper about this new park, Point Whitehorn . I had been bugging the Giant Man Child to take us there. So on Friday, we went to visit. I have to say I enjoyed the trail that led to the beach. Though it is not quick access to the beach. The trial is about a mile to the beach. I encourage you to stay on the path as there is a lot of nettle next to the gravel path. According to the Giant Man Child, there are 19 little foot path bridges. There are also 4 ocean overlooks. The path down to beach is quite steep and has a staircase of 39 steps.

Unfortunately, the tide was in so we didn't get to explore much of the beach.

large tree just off the path - This would make a great place for a letterbox

Reflection in the water under the footbridge

Friday, June 5, 2009

Heat Wave

July 2004
#1 Son and Giant Man Child

We have been experiencing a heat wave in the Pacific Northwest. It has been in the 80's. We haven't experienced June Gloom yet. It jumped from spring right into full blown summer. In our house at night, it has been really hot. We are running all our fans. This heat wave has meant a lot of work for The Giant Man Child. We had to install a fan in Chuckles room. The cats kept defeating out invisible screen so we had to get a regular screen. Last night, The Giant Man Child came home from work at 1 am and it was still 83 degrees upstairs in our house. This is with all the windows open and all the fans going.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Update on Abandoned Lot

The Giant Man Child has been busy. He built a hot tub cover lift. He got the design here. It is made out of cooper tubing. I love that it functions so well and it is cheap. He also started on the hot tub deck. The Polyester Princess requested that she not be hoisted into the hot tub. We actually need to drain the hot tub and move it forward on the deck part as it is pushed to far back on the frame. We are making progress Hopefully soon, the actual hot tub enclosure will be built. See here for the plans. The California Lilac's also got planted.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Incredible Patio Plant Stand

The Polyester Princess got me this plant stand for Christmas. I finally got around to setting it up and filling it with clearance flowers. it is basically a metal pole has a frame that fits into a 10 inch pot. I have to say it is very cool. Another added plus is it is made in the USA.