Friday, October 23, 2015

Diary of a Mediocre Homemaker - IEP Weary

Dear Diary
The level of absolute DREAD I feel about attending this year's IEP (Individual Education Plan)for my son today is off the charts.  An IEP meeting for me is way worst than being called into the principal's office.  As a parent you are reminded of all the deficits (if you are not reminded daily) and none of the victories at these meetings. This is about the 14th one I have attended. Usually the people at the table want YOU the parent to do something.  They the school district doesn't want to spend an extra dime to help your student. Services are not awarded on need but knowing what to ask for. Not that there aren't good wonderful advocates in there with you in the meeting but in the end the buck stops with YOU(the parent). Because the deficits are your problem. Theoretically this could be the last one I attend ever for my child.  He is a high school senior. This is the ultimate double edge sword. The place that guaranteed him services will no longer will serve him after graduation and the responsibility will rely on the parents to find supports. THAT is damn scary.

I am weary and wary. Some kick butt prayers would be appreciated. Pray that I can be the best advocate for my son's needs that despite passing academically that he needs scaffolding/transition services to be successful in the adult world.  I will be there advocating my butt off for my son. 

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