Monday, October 12, 2015

Diary of a Mediocre Homemaker- Bane of my Existence

Dear Diary,
Hey look we are back to MONDAY! It  is so rewarding packing my child's lunch at o'dark thirty.  It makes me feel so fulfilled to be awaken out of a deep slumber to make my son's a delicious nutritious lunch. OH Yeah, I am all over it. There is no bento box or cutesy note.  Are you kidding? The kid there is lucky if there is food in the box.

The icing on top of the cake is when discover I don't have the stuff to make my child's lunch. Mornings at my house can be slightly hellicious.

My little helps to get lunch in the box

My oldest son makes all of his lunches on Sunday night for the week. He eats the exact thing every school day pretty much.

The youngest son helps make his sandwich or bagel for his lunch

I have a drawer where I keep baggies, spoons, and convenience items.

I have an extra lunch box.  My kid had a year where he seemed to leave behind his lunch bag every other day.  I use to joke my extra lunchbox was going to be Barbie or Hello Kitty.  That wouldn't go over well.

I keep a stockpile of lunch items.  We are talking granola bars, juice boxes, fruit cups. 

I love This Beautiful Frugal Life's tips and tricks to help your child pack their lunch.  

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