Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Diary of a Mediocre Homemaker Series

Dear Diary
After years of doing this gig, I am still mediocre.  Should I throw in the broom?  Stop sniffing the furniture polish? Oh, I forgot this is a lifetime appointment. Oh, dear!

I am joining Write 31 Days. I am doing my 31 Series on Diary of Mediocre Homemaker. So, for everyday in October you can expect a post.  I mean it to be funny and informative.  I will be sharing my misadventures, observations, and tips learned mainly through errors in Homemaking.

***Treat this post as a permanent linky to all the posts in my series. This series will go live Oct 1.

Day 1  GTS (Google That Stuff)
Day 2 When You Turn Into Your Parents
Day 3 Personal Finance Lessons (teenage personal finance)
Day 4 T-Shirt Humor
Day 5 Famous Last Words
Day 6 Explore the Detours (Family Motto)
Day 7 Apron Truth
Day 8 Operation Walk a Fat Friend
Day 9 Packing Tape Rock Bottom
Day 10 Secret Stash
Day 11 31 Dayers Linky Love 
Day 12 Bane of My Existence ( sack lunch) 
Day 13 Right Now, Right Now (mantra)
Day 14 Confessions of a Plant Hoarder
Day 15 Emergency Preparation
Day 16 Halloween Decor/Scary Larry
Day 17 Where the Magic Happens
Day 18 More 31 Day Linky Love
Day 19 Everyday is a Freak Show
Day 20 Halloween Eyes
Day 21 Not My Best
Day 22 Falling into the Seahawks Wormhole
Day 23 IEP Weary
Day 24 Crafty (rag quilt)
Day 25 Last 31 Day Linky Love
Day 26 The Geek Forest
Day 27 Reading is my Jam
Day 28 Creative Beast
Day 29 Things I don't Understand
Day 30 Hunt and Feed Strategy
Day 31 Breaking Up

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