Sunday, March 15, 2015

What I Read In March

I am linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy's Quick Lit.  My reads were an eclectic bunch. Need suggestions on what to read next check out what everyone else is reading.

Postcards from Cookie by Caroline Clarke.  This is an autobiographical book. A daughter not really looking for her Mom but rather medical information finds her birth mom. It turns into a 7 year journey of getting to know her mother. Her birth mother Cookie is a prolific postcard sender. There are interesting circumstances that bring them together and less than 7 degrees of separation. This is not your typical adoptee story.

 Award-winning journalist and host of Black "Enterprise" Business Report Caroline Clarke's moving memoir of her surprise discovery of her birthmother—Cookie Cole, the daughter of Nat King Cole—and the relationship that blossomed between them through the heartfelt messages they exchanged on hundreds of postcards. - Amazon

City of Woman by David Gillman - This book was on our hot reads table.  The hot reads table at the local library is my kryptonite. Interesting look at WWII and the German woman left behind.  Rarely is it discussed about the choices of the German women who were left behind during the war.  The paranoid atmosphere, the constant bombing, the moral dilemmas they faced. This is definitely a PG book if not R.  The topics of infidelity and martial affairs. It was just ok but very thought provoking.

I hesitate to write what I read next.  I need to enter the book reading confessional. Well here it goes.  I reread the Twilight series.  Yes, I READ THE ENTIRE SERIES AGAIN. I know it isn't good literature. But it is familiar and I needed that right now. There is something comforting knowing the characters and the ending. 


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  1. Ha, Twilight, eh? I know what you mean about enjoying a familiar read; I totally did the same with the Anne of Green Gables series last year. Sometimes familiar books can be so comforting!