Monday, October 26, 2015

Diary of a Mediocre Homemaker - The Geek Forest

Dear Diary
How far in the Geek forest do you need to go into the forest to find a geocacher? The answer is not that far at all.  Geocachers are basically find Tupperware with multimillion dollar satellites.  It is a treasure hunt.

Hey, look at us in the middle of nowhere trying to find the golf ball with the log paper stuck into it. I cannot lie we are avid geocachers. Our geocaching name is twomanwreckingcrew. 

I recently decided there are a few more interesting people you might find in the geek forest and perhaps deeper in than the average geocacher.  

I put competitive shooters in this category.   I actually had lunch with a bunch of these folks and let me tell ya they are deep in the forest.  You can even identify them by their uniform. They have shooting shirts with their name on them. These people are all about the guns and the scores. If bullets were a food they would eat them.

Add to that people who fly model airplanes. They aren't in as deep as competitive shooters but they are fanatics about flying and landing their planes.

Know any others DEEP in the Geek Forest?

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