Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Tub Has Landed

The hot tub has been moved up on the deck. There was a lot of sweat and tears by the Giant Man Child, #1 Son and myself but we got it done. I told Ms Smarty Pants that I was considering waving to her from my new throne while she was on recess. I also said I would do it in a really skimpy bikini.Don't you think that would cause a lot of shock and awe. (SNORT) Needless to say that idea didn't go over to well. We are making progress on our deck/pergola hot tub thingy.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Night at the Museum 2

The only movie that we had to walk out of with our children was Night at the Museum. because #1 son was so uncomfortable. #1 Son is not fond of loud so movies can be challenging. We have used ear plugs in the past for other movies and I have told him if it gets to scary to close his eyes and put his hands over his ears. Movies at a movie theatre are sensory overload for him. We later enjoyed Night at the Museum on DVD( over and over if you know what I mean) but the whole movie theatre experience was pretty much ruined. Imagine my delight to find that AMC is offering sensory friendly movie series and the first movie is Night at the Museum 2 on May 23rd . More details here. My son doesn't have Autism but has some sensory issues so this would be perfect for him.

Am I Brain Washed?

My 6 year old keeps going around asking me if he is ,"Brain Washed". I am really not sure how to answer that. If it is me doing the brain washing (purely hypothetical), I need to step up my efforts. There would be a lot more cleaning and a lot less Lego's. The lunch box and jacket would be remembered every day from school. He would LOVE crafts (that might be a stretch). However, I believe it is little green men doing the brain washing. Seriously, the child lives and breathes Lego's and Star Wars. There is a lot of dirt. Did I mention there is a lot of DIRT? There is definitely little green men doing the brain washing.

Monday, April 27, 2009

101 Reasons the Polyester Princess should visit

101. I have a GUEST Room
100. You will be far away from our PARENTS
99. I know how to make waffles
98. Your co-workers will be far away
97. You can see the totem of death up close
96. I have liquor.
95. I can expose you too all the kooks up here
94 We can go to the local dairy and have ice cream cones
93. I'll take you to my Favorite Goodwill.
92. We can still around my fire pit in the backyard and have red cup drinks and marshmallows
91. We can watch our kids run around crazy in the spray park
90. I will amuse you
89. Can you say STARBUCKS!
88. go for a dip in the hot tub
87. Mt Baker ( I promise it won't erupt - at least I don't think it will)
86. I know the way to the Space Needle
85. Casino's ( 4 in our county)
84. Lots of Totem Art
83. Chihuly Glass
82. I AM AMAZING - enough said
81.We can visit the Peace Arch
80. Birch Bay
79. Crab
78. Ferries
77. We can roast hot dogs around my fire pit
76. We can make fun of the Giant Man Child in his Pickle Suit
75. Kangaroo Farm- hold a baby joey
74. go tide pooling
73. Find bones when looking for sea glass (just kidding)
72. I'll make you M&M Cookies
71. Meet Mrs Epi and her adventure van
70. Have a drink with Mrs Respiratory Therapist
69. Let you children play at the school playground- It is right in our backyard
68. Go down the slide at Eagleridge playground
67. Go berry picking
66. Visit Heather Meadows
65. Go rock hounding in Walker Valley
64. Jetty Island
63. Pacific Science Center
62 Ballard Locks
**** More to come. Feel free to leave a comment with a suggestion

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Plant ER

I love houseplants. I definitely don't get that love from my MOM (love ya) However, my kittens are also loving my plants to death. I had to make my bathroom into a plant ER. Look what these darn cats have done to my plant.
I am pretty sure the leaves aren't suppose to look that way. Look at the teeth marks in the one below.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Abandoned Lot?

This is our current yard project. It kinda looks like an abandoned lot. It will eventually be a hot tub deck with additional gardens. The Giant Man child has been working on the hot tub deck framing. The two man wrecking crew has been helping move gravel. Right now, you have to have a lot of vision to see our plan. Below is what I envision the hot tub enclosure to look somewhat like. The design is being adapted from a plan found in Sunset June 2007.

Here is the total plan for the area.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Poker Night

Thursday night at our house is Poker Night for the Giant Man Child. I become a poker widow. So in honor of that, I present some Lego poker scenes crafted by the Giant Man Child. This is why big kids shouldn't play with Lego's. (notice the carefully crafted playing cards)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Facts

Foggy Sunrise April 21, 2009

Happy Earth Day !

What am I doing today: I hope to purchase the last of the fabric for a little cowboy rag quilt. It for a baby Texan. I need to unleash my inner Texan! Yippee!

This made me laugh: This post by Rocks in my Dryer made me laugh.

I am thankful for: New Friends and Old Friends - I am thankful for a little bit of sun so it feels like SPRING. I am anxious to garden again. May 2 is the big Master Gardener Sale. People go a little nuts for the cheap plants.

Projects I am working on: Cowboy Rag Quilt - I am also helping the Giant Man Child with a hot tub deck in the backyard. I also need to do some more yard work while the weather is good.

Song stuck in my head: People are Strange

Phrase stuck in my head: Cute and Cuddly, Boys - penguins of Madagascar.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Facebook and the 32nd AADCOM

Barracks (Darmstadt, Germany)

Yes, I am on Facebook, too. I don't know what the heck I am doing there. I don't post status updates, do those crazy quizzes, send cover dishes etc. I think I like blogging more BUT I have been able to reconnect with a lot of old friends on Facebook. One of my Army Buddies found me which was very cool. OK, It was just plain exciting. One of the units that I belonged to, 32nd AADCOM, has it's own group on facebook. I went and found all my old photos so I have been trying to identify all the people in my photos. It is really embarrassing how many names I have forgotten. For example, I can't remember one of my roommates last name but I know her first name was Michelle. There seems to be a certain amount of irony as my mother is going through boxes and boxes trying to get her photos in order. She has taken to quizzing me every time I call. Hey people, mark your photos learn from me.
Me, Rhonda (my roommate), Angie (friend) in our Barracks
?___, Angie, The Other Davis (I believe this is in Angie's room)
Frank V and Rhonda (my barracks room - everyone always picked up that darn flyswatter - I have a lot of pictures with people holding that

Bryant L and John Moore
Michelle ? (Roommate and CSM Crismale (?) secretary and later part of general's admin staff)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rock Hounding in Walker Valley

Bottom up - Chuckles, Bones, Her Highness, Ms Smarty Pants, and Giant Man Child

We went on a little Spring Break adventure last week. We visited Walker Valley to bust up some rocks. We went with Mrs Epi and Family. The kids absolutely loved busting some rocks up trying to find crystals. My children I think were in shock that we were actually allowing them to do this. Boy, did they get dirty.
Chuckles, Bones, Her Highness, and Ms Smarty Pants ( I just realized that #1 Son isn't in any of these pictures but believe me he was there)

A small sample of the rocks we collected

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rainy Day Easter Egg Hunting

Only here in the Pacific Northwest is rain gear a perquisite for Easter Egg Hunting. In our group, the polka dot rain boots were popular (in case you were wondering). It just didn't rain. It poured. As you can see from the pictures, the rain didn't slow down the children. We hunted eggs in Mrs Epi's backyard. The camo eggs were particularly hard to find. LOL The Easter Bunny hid about 150+ plastic eggs. She was awfully busy.

Chuckles using his bucket as a hat

Her Highness with an egg

#1 Son (check out the froggy rain boots)

Bones on the Run

Ms Smarty Pants

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Twofer Birthday

Sasquatch, Easter 1996

Polyester Princess and Sasquatch, Easter 1997?

Today is the POLYESTER PRINCESS Birthday and her son Sasquatch, too. Happy Birthday!

Polyester Princess and Family 2008 (I am probably going to be in trouble with the Princess for posting her likeness without permission. LOL It is a good thing I am her OLDER sister. )

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stages of Spring Break

It is spring break here. I have a little spring break theory. I have decided there are some definite stages to spring break and I JUST had to share

Stage 1 (Everybody loves Everyone) Children are excited to be on Spring Break. They play with each other nicely or alone. Everything is Rainbows and Lollipops.

Stage 2 (Momma isn't happy) Children revert to annoying. Can I have this, Can I do this, Why can't I do this? It is beautiful outside but I want to play inside and be annoying. Why can't everyone get along?

Stage 3 ( When do we go back to school?) Children WANT to go back to school because it is so BORING being at home with good old Mom. Mom tries to come up with some fun ideas only to be told that it is hopelessly boring. Children aren't interested in Mom's ideas or cleaning challenges. Mom loves school.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Afraid to say "it"

#1 Son

I am almost afraid to say that it is SUNNY here. I am sure I have just put some kind of jinx on the weather. It was a beautiful weekend and a great start to Spring Break. We met Nonna, Pappy, and Cliff for brunch in Everett. After brunch, we explored Legion Park. Legion Park is high up on a hill. The views were superb.

looking out to the sound
Pappy enjoying the sun

View of Mt Baker through the trees

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I am in LOVE

I am in love with my latest thrift purchase. This little rusty scale caught my eye. It was love at first sight. I kept driving past the store and spying it in the window. Should I buy it or not? I finally took the plunge. The Giant Man Child can't understand my love for this scale but that is OK. It makes me happy.