Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Diary of a Mediocre Homemaker - The Creative Beast aka Wild Hair

Dear Diary
I have a need in my daily life to be creative.  BUT most of my life is a repeatable predictable routine.  Sometimes I need to break out of the schedule but I only have a few stolen moments for it.  At first I wasn't at first a big fan of adult coloring.  See my Dear Diary - Adult Coloring, REALLY.   Now I have a bunch of unfinished coloring pages.  So, now I just have a finishing problem

BUT lately, I have been trying to teach myself to draw a decent pumpkin.  You won't believe the number of tutorials for drawing pumpkins. I still remember being at a Mother's Group and a Mom commenting that my pumpkin looked like a butt.  So 14 years later, I am trying to redeem myself - ha ha.

I especially like the Art For Kids Hub videos

He has just a pumpkin video as well.  I think my pumpkin turned out pretty good.

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