Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Diary of Mediocre Homemaker - Explore the Detours (family motto)

View from Tommy Thompson Trail. Mt Baker in the Background
Dear Diary
We just can't go on an family adventure without some kind of mishap.  We are magnets for this type of thing. My husband may of mumbled a few choice words on our geocaching bike adventure this weekend.

We went on a bike ride on the Tommy Thompson Trail this past weekend with a geocaching group in Anacortes, Washington.  This is the first time we really cached on bikes with large group.  We had 12 riders in total. It was a blast to have so many people looking for caches. The trail takes you across the water on refurbished  2,000 foot long paved train trestle.

Trestle on Tommy Thompson Trail
Sign over Trestle at one end
The view is awesome.  We stopped as a group at the Farmer's Market. My teenage boys just wanted to hang out in the trees like monkey's.

We also did some caches around downtown Anacortes including the library.  I would of liked to spend additional time there. There was some cool art in there as well.

On the way back on the trail, my husband managed to blow out his bike tire.  I sent him back to the car with the boys and I walked the flat tire bike along the trail.  I have learned this is par for the course.  Our family motto is," EXPLORE THE DETOURS" . It was a beautiful day and to tell you the truth and walking hurt a lot less than riding.

art on trail
I enjoyed the solitude of walking the trail for a bit by myself. In the end, it was a great way to spend our Saturday.

Anyone else have a family motto?

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