Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Seahawks Inspired Coffee Filter Wreath

I don't know what it is but I am feeling very creative lately.  I want to create. Some things that are inspiring me are wreaths.  I saw these Seahawk wreaths at Micheals.  I would love to try this with the art deco mesh.

However, I have pinned on my wreath pinterest board for a while a coffee filter wreath. The wreath was all white but with a little searching.  I came to find out people were dying the filters. Some people used food coloring but I used diluted acrylic paint. I mixed my paint and water in a plastic shoe box and dyed the filters about 10 at a time.  I didn't even separate them until I started drying them.

With supplies on hand,  I gave it a go and made a Seahawks colors wreath. It wasn't difficult to make but time consuming since I was dying the filters.  I bought the filters at the dollar store. The paint I had on hand. I also had a wire wreath form on hand and I wrapped it in some fabric so I was able to glue the filters to the form.  I only ended up burning my index finger and dying my hand blue. 
Seahawks Inspired Coffee Filter Wreath
Not to mention that the Art Deco Wire Wreath from Micheals cost $39.95 when on sale and mine cost $2.  And I get to say, "GO HAWKS!"

Anyone make a art deco wire wreath or coffee filter wreath?

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