Sunday, October 20, 2013

You might be a homemaker if (Day 20)

You get by with a little help from your friends
Homemaking is a not intended to be a solitary sport or pursuit.  This job is bearable because my co-workers are my family and my friends keep me sane.  I couldn't do this job without my friends.  They pretty much bail me out of all kinds of situations mostly of my own making.  IT seems like I am on a verge of a crisis at least once a day. My best friend, Mrs. Epi, we are sisters from another mother called Carol.  Both our Mom's are named Carol.  Hi Moms!
Here are some of most famous or infamous adventures
102 Matches and other Tales- basically how we are not cut out to be arsonists. 
Squires Lake - This is how I broke my camera taking pictures of bear scat
Cherry Coke Warning - I think the title speaks for itself
What Would You Do - crazy parking lot tales
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