Monday, March 23, 2009

What would you do? (WWYD)

Today as Mrs Epi and I were strolling into our favorite spot, Goodwill, we noticed a small child strapped into a car seat in what appeared to be an empty car. When we got closer, we noticed the mother slumped over into the passenger seat. The headlights were on too. Mrs Epi and I both agreed that was strange. We went into Goodwill and we came back 2o minutes later the situation was the same. What would you do? We looked around for security but found none. I called my hubby and he suggested knocking on the window or calling 911. So, despite all my chicken tendencies. (believe me I am a total chicken) I knocked on the window. The lady woke up. Praise the Lord because I had already imagined the worse scenario possible and all those scenarios involved Mrs Epi and I in a crime scene investigation. Seriously, I think we need to lay off the crime TV. Note to Mom's everywhere, it is really not a good idea to take a nap in a crowded parking lot with your lights on because you will give these two Mom's a heart attack.

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