Saturday, October 26, 2013

You might be a homemaker if(Day 26)

Your heroes are Bloggers

I know some of my heros are Bloggers.  These are the blogs I pretty much read daily.  They inspire me to be a better person and housewife.

Nester - Top of the List. Best summed up," it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful"

Teacher Tom - I am a HUGE Teacher Tom fan.  IF you have young preschool kids, read his blog.  If you have older kids in public school read his blog. He really understands play.  He got into the teaching gig because he was the parent who brought his daughter to COOP Preschool. Now he is a COOP preschool teacher.

Princess Lasertron - She is a bridal bouquet designer, small online clothing business, and a MOM. I love her honesty.  I love that she goes after things. 

Carol - Carol is friend from REAL LIFE.  She is a writer to the core.  She is also a truth teller too.

Confessions of an Asperger's Mom - I am Mom to a teenager with Asperger's.  There are not a lot of resources out there.  Karen has 2 teens with Asperger's who tells it like it is. 

Mavis at 100dollarsamonth - I like this blog.  She has a lot of resources for growing food in the Pacific Northwest.  She is inspiring to me.

Enjoy It - by Elise - This is a new one I have been reading.  Elise is a scrapbooker, new Mom, and online business owner.  I love her fresh perspective.

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