Wednesday, October 2, 2013

You might be a homemker if (day 2)

you have a command center

You have a captain's chair like Star Trek and the bridge.  You keep saying, " Make it SO." Oh, I long to say those words. So far that hasn't happened but I have had the opportunity to say, " Beam me up, Scotty!  There is no intelligent life."

Well, my command center is less exciting than the Enterprise.  It could use some buttons or some levers.  Homemakers are what I call the "brains of the operation." Below is a picture of my command center or the heart of my nerve center.

This is one of the tools that help me stay on track.  It is nothing fancy just calendars and spots to hold important papers and ads. The frame has been turned into a magnetic board.  I have two hanging file bins.  One is for school stuff and the other is to hold my weekly ads.  I was tired of finding my weekly ads all over the place so I consolidated them here. I was tired of searching for important school papers. These bins solved those two problems.
My command center also includes a little humor as well.

Do you have a Command Center?

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