Friday, October 11, 2013

You might be a homemaker if (Day 11)

you have a deep rooted obsession/addiction to pinterest.

May I direct you to my sidebar so you can witness my obsession.  I have 17 boards (yes, 17!) What is my problem? I admit I am addicted to Pinterest.   I love that it acts like a storage place for your idea boards essentially.  I was always forgetting to bookmark those great ideas I would see out in blog land or I would have no idea why I had something bookmarked. Secondly, I have tried so many things because of pinterest and the majority have been really successful.

My obsession is deep rooted in that I have actually tried some of these things out.  Nothing too crazy but I can point you in the direction of some others that have tried some of the more crazy stuff on Pinterest.

Most of my attempts at pinterest pins have been food related. My most successful has been the Hootnanny also known as the dutch baby.  Oh so delish. The Baked Ravioli was also successful. I could go on and on.  Pinterest sometimes for me have become a meal planning tool.

On the kid craft side.  I frequently found craft ideas from pinterest to do with my kids and my daycare kids. Here is just a small sample of the art activities we have tried.

Line Art

3D OP Art
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  1. Pinterest is a great resource and one of my favorite resources, too. I guess I can check another homemaker item off your list! :-)