Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oh Zombies, OH MY!

We attended the GeoZombie Run a geocaching event.  We had a blast.  We were issued Zombie Hunting License.

There were a number of geocaches to find and actual zombie related activities. By completing activities and finding certain caches you received punches in your zombie permit

The Zombie related activities were a Paint Ball Zombie Shooting Gallery. I even shot a zombie in the nostril with a paint gun.

There was also a Zombie Obstacle Course at Lincoln Park in Blaine. You carried a fake brain covered in cow lube through a obstacle course. . Glad I didn't know it was lube until after.  Don't know why it grossed me out.  We kinda went the wrong way through obstacle course and ended up doing it twice.
Cody holding his fake brain demonstrating how to ward off Zombies
The actual geocaches for the event were unusual.  One had you smelling spices to determine coordinates for a puzzle cache. These were types of puzzles that were only allowed for the event.  There was one called Zombie cam that had numbers attached to camera poles along the border.  They had to get special approval from Border Patrol and Homeland Security for those.  IT was a really well done event. At the last cache of the day, we viewed a beautiful sunset.

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