Tuesday, October 15, 2013

You might be a Homemaker IF (Day 15/Project Life Wk38)

You are a Memory Maker or Memory Keeper

I think the best advice or statement I heard when I first became a Mom was I should help my child make memories.  I was talking to a Mom at our Las Madres Group(Moms Group) and she explained that she felt her main job besides basic childcare was making memories with her child.  It stuck with me. (Thanks Corinna)  One thing I know is that making memories doesn't have to be an over the top type of thing .  IT is a conscious effort to include the individuals that reside in your home  in activities that create a sense of belonging though.

I am a scrapbooker.  I know a lot of people aren't.  I think making memories with the people you share your life with is far more important than the documentation.  I like documenting the fun times and my family likes looking at these photo albums so that it why I scrapbook. In recent years I have been doing Project Life which is a scrapbooking system by Becky Higgins .

I love it because it isn't time intensive and is pretty much slip your photos into the slots and move on. 

Here is one of my latest weeks of Project Life. This is week 38.

Tigger with the CONE OF SHAME waiting with  Cody for the Bus

The journaling says
September 15-21
Fall has arrived. Pappy turned 93 on the 18th. We (Kevin and Heather) took pictures of the waning fall moon. On Saturday, we got the climbing rope installed on the swingset. The kids had fun trying to climb it.

Project Life : Cobalt Edition Journal Cards
Photo Protector G

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  1. Really enjoying thinking about the concept of being a memory maker.
    And found your simple approach to PL really refreshing, great photos and some journaling = perfect in my book!