Wednesday, October 30, 2013

You migt be a Homemaker IF (Day 30)

You believe that Home Ec skills need to be taught so everyone can conquer the world

Did you know Home Economics is mostly likely called Family and Consumer Sciences at public schools?  I took Home Ec - Sewing, Cooking, Metals, and Wood working in middle school. I had no choice. It was a required course. Most schools don't even offer those kinds of classes anymore and if they do the enrollment isn't great.   The inspiration for this post was from a post at One Hundred Dollars a Month -Should Home Economics Be a Required Class? 

I was lucky to be a daughter of a former Future Homemaker's President of Loveland High School.  So I am pretty sure I got ample instruction in the basics. Thanks MOM!

The words “home economics” likely conjure visions of future homemakers quietly whisking white sauce or stitching rickrack onto an apron. But to a handful of people thinking big about these problems, they evoke something different: A forward-thinking new kind of class that would give a generation of young people—not just women, but everyone—the skills to shop intelligently, cook healthily, manage money, and live well. ( Boston Globe - Bring Back Home Ec by Ruth Graham 10/13/13)

The Thing is that knowing the basic home ec skills can save time and money. Making your own food is often times healthier and cheaper.  Being able to balance your budget and know when to use credit is important to your financial health. 

I love the list from babble of the 10 Home EC Skills Every Kid Should Know

How to balance a check book
How to clean the floor
How to (properly) clean a toilet
how to make a bed
How to prepare a meal
How to operate basic appliances
How to identify spoiled food
How to do a load of laundry
How to iron a dress shirt
How to sew a straight line

I also like the post from PopSugar Moms about the 7 Essential Home Management Skills  to teach your kids.

How to Cook and Plan a Menu
Laundry Skills
Time Management
Basic Money Management
Good Cleaning Habits
How to Let Go of Perfection

The historian Helen Zoe Veit has argued that home ec has a key role to play in treating the obesity epidemic. “A beautiful way to start solving this problem would be to get more people cooking,” she said recently. “We have a blueprint of how to do this, and it’s through home economics.”
Boston Globe -Bring Back Home Ec by Ruth Graham 10/13/13

What do you think? Does Home Ec need to be a required class?

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