Thursday, October 31, 2013

You might be a homemaker if (Day 31)

you have ever been ashamed to say that aloud that you are a homemaker

Maybe ashamed is too strong of word.  Even after 15 years of doing this gig, I pause. I chose this homemaking gig and I am not ashamed. But in the eyes of many, this makes me less than capable,  I know that I am capable beyond belief. I consider myself an Expert at nothing and everything because each and every day is a little different and has different challenges.  Where I don't have knowledge, I have flexibility and sometimes more time to figure thing out.

There are a lot of polarizing topics in the hood (parent hood).  Some of these are stay at home  parents. I think there still a common misconception that stay at home parents or homemakers don't work as hard as their counter parts. I get that.

But for right now, my family needs me to man the homefront.  I will use my talents and abilities here at home.

Thank you for reading my series.  Check the entire " You might be a Homemaker IF..."
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