Wednesday, October 9, 2013

You might be a homemaker if (day 9)

you routinely have squirrel moments
A squirrel moment is defined as random thought or idea not related to what is currently being discussed or related to the current situation that is randomly blurted out during conversation with another adult.

I am pretty notorious for this. I am usually visually distracted by something then I blurt out my observation. It is like I have conversation ADD.  We homemakers are multi-taskers even in our conversations. I have these type of conversations almost daily.

My most recent memorable conversation that has documentation actually had to do with this squirrel mask sold on Amazon.
Squirrel Mask via Amazon
This mask sparked a whole text messaging flurry between my sister and me and my best friend and I.
My conversation with my sister:
My conversation with my best friend:

Welcome to my crazy train or crazy brain. 

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