Sunday, October 27, 2013

Making OUR 50 !

We did it !!  I keep forgetting to post this. We completed the 50 Washington State Park Geocaching Challenge.  Washington State Parks are celebrating their Centennial.  They teamed up with Washington State Geocache Association to host 100 caches or should I say 104 special centennial caches.  Each cache contained a special stamp which you stamped into your State Park Passport.  If you collected 50 state park stamps, you could turn your passport in for a silver coin.  If you collected 100 state park stamps, you could turn it in for a gold coin.
Our Silver Coin
As part of Centennial Celebration, we visited over 50 Washington State Parks.  Starting in June we began our quest at Birch Bay State Park on the west coast of Washington and ended at Olmstead Place in central Washington in October.   

We finished our push for the 50 by visiting Lake Sammamish, Oallie, Iron Horse Hyak, Lake Easton, Iron Horse Cle Elum, and Olmstead Place. 
Lake Easton

Iron Horse Cle Elum
School House at Olmstead Place
not original to site

Olmstead Place
1000th Cache milestone
and 50th State Park

It has been one wild ride.  We met cachers in the middle of the woods.  That was a little surreal to be pretty far into the woods and run into a cacher you know. We saw a tree down on a mini van at Schafer State Park. Went on a lot of amazing hikes including one to a train tunnel and one called the hobbit trail. This has been a family affair even including extended family and our dog . Our dog met it's first horse. We invested a lot of our free time on our quest for the 50. We didn't let lost stamps, weather, and getting turned around stand in our way.  We cached in the driving rain and in the blazing heat. We were constantly amazed by the diversity of the Washington State Park system. We can't say enough nice and wonderful things about WSGA, Washington State Geocaching Association, and Washington State Parks for putting this together.

All I can say is KEEP CALM and CACHE ON!
Us with our list of 50+ caches at the
50 Park Challenge Cache
October 22

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