Tuesday, October 1, 2013

You might be a homemaker if (day 1)

you think the removable toilet seat is the best thing since sliced bread

In my definition of a homemaker, it included getting intimate with the porcelain throne aka toilet.  I can think of a few things that have revolutionized homemaking and I include the removable toilet seat as one of them. Hey, I have a blog called "My View of the Honeypot" which means my view of the outhouse so it only seemed appropriate that I start this series with a bathroom post.

I have 2 boys and a husband, so as you can imagine, I have cleaned a bathroom toilet a time or two. I was introduced to the removable seat by a friend with three boys. Hey, that is what friends are for. IT is a genius idea in that it allows you to really clean around the back side of the seat where it connects to the toilet because you can remove the seat part.  A simple twist of the hinge caps loosens the seat from the bolts.

Recently, I introduced the removable toilet seat to my Mom.

Imagine my Mom and Aunt huddled in my bathroom and I am demonstrating my removable toilet seat. Only to remove the seat and find it dirty.  (slightly mortifying)

However, the greatness of the removable seat sells itself as my Mom purchased one. She reported that she loves it.

I got my removable toilet seat at Lowes.

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**** The opinions expressed above are entirely my own.  I received no paid endorsement from the removable toilet seat people.

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