Friday, October 4, 2013

You might be a homemaker (day 4)

If you are a CLEAN FREAK
or if you know who the Fly Lady is and you want to hunt her down
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I wish I was a clean freak. Oh how, I wish that was true. I am sure there are those among us that really have spotless homes. But do they have lives?  Many of us are also stay at home parents so our office is our home where children roam free.  Children who really don't care if you want things spotless. We actually live in our homes and living is messy.  I long ago gave up magazine perfection.  Magazine perfection is where everything is perfectly styled and there is never a Lego to step on in the middle of the night.

Quite recently my neighbor told me this - Housework even poorly done is done! It is my new motto.

I think many homemakers have subscribed to Fly Lady at one time or another.  Fly Lady tells you when and where to clean.  She is all about shining your sink. It is a cleaning schedule.  She talks a lot about shining your sink.  If you need someone to tell you when and how to do this, then fly lady provides a valuable service. 

Do you have a cleaning schedule?  Mine consists of doing laundry on Sunday and picking up everyday. There is no magic formula.  You just got do it.

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