Thursday, October 3, 2013

You migt be a homemaker if you (day 3)

Have a Dish Loading System
or Dish Washing Philosophy

Yes, there is a way to load your dishwasher to get the maximum amount of dishes into it. Just ask my Mom!  Hey, I learned from the best. I dislike hand washing.  I also want to get the most out of my dishwasher.  Below is a picture of my basic philosophy of not mixing dishes.  Plates on one side and bowls on the other side.  I know a little anal.  Only one of my kids gets this so I feel like I am constantly rearranging it.

FYI- don't ever try to wash sea shells in your dishwasher.  I know Martha said it was OK but my husband said it wasn't. Something about having to rebuild the dishwasher type bad. I am being forced by my husband to make this disclaimer.

Homemaker/Domestic Engineers  have systems to get things do quickly and efficiently. I was talking to my girl friend and she was talking about how she unloads her groceries at the check stand.  She does it in such a way so when she gets home like things are bagged together and easier to put away.  Her husband couldn't wrap his head around this. It made total sense to me.

Do you have a unusual system to do something at home that makes your life easier?  Come on leave a comment. Dare ya!

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