Friday, October 11, 2013

Hard Core Caching

About 2 weeks ago, Nonna gifted us with a rare day out without our kids in honor of our 18th Anniversary.  We decided to do some geocaching.  Unknown to us, this Saturday was a record rain day in the Pacific Northwest.  It was rainy but not unbearable when we started out.  We visited Kanaktat -Palmer.  We ended up on a slight bluff overlooking the river.

This is the first time we have ever cached with an umbrella.  That was interesting. It seemed like everytime we came close to opening the cache the sky just opened up.
We also visited Nolte and Federation Forest. I am always amazed by these old growth forests. I kept expecting Robin Hood to show up at the Federation Forest. 
The picture doesn't really do it justice.  These logs are huge.
Then we headed more to the coast.  We ran into an interesting surprise at Schafer State Park.  The top part of a tree had landed on a mini van.  I wish I had taken a picture. The Ranger ended up closing the park to incoming traffic. The State Park Cache at Schafer required some math.  We had some trouble with that. We set off on the trail in the driving rain.  We kept hearing trees falling in the forest and we had trees looming over us. .  We were in the middle of the trail and thought we should turn back as we couldn't really seem to locate the cache.  Then on the way back our geo senses kicked in and there lo and behold the cache.  To top it off, leaving the park we got turned around.  We did end up doing a good deed of helping some people trying to push start their car. 

We made it to Lake Sylvia park to find the entrance blocked by a tree.  So we decided to find another park as it didn't look like they were going to get the tree moved anytime soon. So we drove onto the coast stopping at Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach. 
We finally made it to the Ocean
With the sun setting, that ended our caching day as most of the parks close at dusk.  So close to our goal of 50 Washington State Parks.

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