Monday, September 30, 2013

31 days of You Might Be a Homemaker IF.....

I am joining the Nester once again in October for 31 days of Blogging.  I decided my topic will be

Hopefully, I can shed some light on topics that are hot in the homemaking community. I will be using my 15 years of experience in homemaking to see the funny and humorous in these topics. So welcome aboard my crazy train.

My definition of a homemaker is overly broad.

 A homemaker is one who keeps the home and it's inhabitants

I don't care if you are single, married, man, woman, gay, straight, childless, fur baby, mega family etc.. If you have ever cleaned a toilet in your abode your in.

Treat this post as a permanent linky to all the posts in my series

You might be a homemaker IF.....

 Day 1: You think the removable toilet seat is the best thing since sliced bread

Day 2: You have a Command Center

Day 3: You have a Dish Loading Philosophy or Dish Washing System

Day 4:You are a CLEAN FREAK or if you know who the Fly Lady is and you want to hunt her down


Day 6: You get positively giddy over the Sunday paper BECAUSE of the coupons

Day 7: You might be Crafty not Handy

Day 8: You BULK UP!

Day 9: You routinely have Squirrel Moments

Day 10: You have ever lusted after an Appliance 

Day 11: You have a deep rooted obsession/addiction to pinterest

Day 12: You know where the best (fill in the blank)

Day 13: You ever wished Martha or Rachel would show up

Day 14: You hate the dreaded "What is for Dinner?" conversation

Day 15: You are Memory Maker or Memory Keeper

Day 16: You are familiar with all the homemaking Buzz words and phrases

Day 17: You are Everyone's Emergency Contact

Day 18: You got SPIRIT

Day 19: sometimes you feel a little like MacGyver or you believe Google is a homemakers best friend

Day 20:  You get by with a little help from your friends

Day 21: You have a Side Gig

Day 22: You might have referred to your appliances as your servants

Day 23:  You are adept at dealing with various bio hazards

Day 24: You have ever engaged in the make it or buy I debate over pancake mix

Day 25: You have referred to yourself as a Modern Day June Cleaver of said my super power is I make People

Day 26: Your Heroes are Bloggers

Day 27: Laundry is a Dirty Word

Day 28: You Know what to do with all those Pumpkin Seeds

Day 29: You have determined your worth. And that works out to about $96,000 for all your services

Day 30: You believe Home Ec skills need to be taught so everyone can conquer the world

Day 31: You have ever been ashamed to say aloud that you are a homemaker

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