Saturday, October 12, 2013

You might be a homemaker if (Day 12)

you know where the best (fill in the blank)

My superpower is I know where the best Donut shops are.  It isn't much but I am hanging on to that.

Mural outside of Johnny's Donuts
It is a little sad when your husband calls because he wants to know if I heard about a donut place in our town.  I so have the scoop on that. 

Though it is a little strange when your child asks you if a chocolate donut is a performance enhancing drug.  I assured him it was only performance enhancing drug I am taking.

If you want to know the inside dirt on how to find the best hair dresser, kids gymnastics place, contractor, sushi,  ask a homebody.  No need to search the internet.  Sometimes people are the best resource.

My favorite donut places in Whatcom County. These both are locally owned.

Johnny's Donuts- Love the chocolate and pumpkin donuts but everything is yummy.
Rocket Donuts I think Rocket Donut was one of the first places to have a Bacon Maple Bar. Yum!

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