Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 days of Adventure - Got WANDERLUST?

I am linking up with the incredible Nester and the 31 days of writing on one topic.  In the past I have done various homemaking topic such as, "You might be a Homemaker If" and "31 Little Things"

I chose 31 days of Adventures because I enjoy a good adventure.  I discovered that I love to go places and see things.  I don't think an adventure is only for the thrill seekers. I don't think you need a fat bank account and loads of free time to enjoy getting out and exploring.

An adventurous life
does not necessarily mean
climbing mountains,
swimming with sharks or
jumping off cliffs.
It means risking yourself
by leaving a little piece of you behind
in all you meet along the way.

I like to go on adventures with my family and friends.  I will be sharing some of our more memorable adventures, new adventures, and tips and tricks to have a great adventure without breaking the bank. I have serious WANDERLUST.

Here is my link to my entire series.

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  1. I'm all for adventure! Sounds like your "31 days" will be interesting. Thanks for commenting on my blog.