Friday, October 17, 2014

31 Days of Adventure - Wrong Turn

On the road of life
you can't get off
the exit ramp
without some
bumps and roadblocks-
and a few detours.

We own a geocache on the Canadian/US Border in Peace Arch State Park in Washington State and there were several logs left for our cache that explained a wrong turn and the resulting adventure. The park has the port basically in the middle of it.

Thanks for the easy cache :)
Once we parked it was EASY. But we missed the turn into the park and ended up going through the border into Canada - my shortest ever visit to Canada! (ConwaySuz)

*** We actual had a chance to meet ConwaySuz and her partner Navymom at an event and they told us in detail about their adventure.

Thank god I have an Enhanced Driver's License in lieu of a passport. This is what I get for following my Nav on my phone (you would think I would have learned my lesson already after it routed me down the wrong way of a one-way street before). It had me routed to go around into Canada and back into the US for parking. I was in line to cross the border before I realized I should have turned earlier. A quick talk to the border agent about what I was doing, and he let me turn around.  Now I am in a 10 minute line to get back into the US. I talk to the border agent, and explain that I followed my Nav instead of my common sense. He laughed, asked if I was carrying any weapons, and anything illegal. I said no, and explained I was in the area to find the cache. He said it wasn't his first time hearing about geocaching, and that he was going to have to look it up, and try it himself someday. 
Finally, I arrive to the right parking spot. Quick find. Love the area of the hide!!! Found about 2 minutes before the sun set. TFTH (Geo-LMP)

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Ever Make a Wrong Turn and have an Adventure?

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