Friday, October 31, 2014

What I learned in October

Dandelion in the Dew
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I receive Modern Mrs Darcy's Newsletter and she had a quote in there that asked, " What is Saving You."  Well I think all these below are saving me this month.

Sometimes truth comes in the form of a tea bag. I have been enjoying the Sweet and Spicy Tea by Good Earth.  They have quotes on their tea bag tags. The one below spoke to me.

I was reminded by my Mother about my 18 minute speech.  When I was in the Army, we had to complete the 2 mile run in 18 minutes. I am not a runner and was not a runner then.  I would always tell myself I can do this difficult thing for 18 minutes.  It is only 18 minutes. I guess I needed to relearn this mental mind set this month.

Sometimes, I crave easy.  And over and over, I learn I wasn't built for easy.  My month has been a constant reminder how difficult my life is sometimes -complicated by IEPs, Insurance woes, middle school angst, busy husband, complicated scheduling, RAIN. I was built to challenge, overcome, and struggle. I actually said to myself," I am on the right track if things are hard." If there was no resistance, there would be no reward.  I pretty sure the rest of world doesn't think this way.
I found this in the recycle pile
Drawing by Charlie
So much has been learned from writing 31 days straight.  This isn't for wusses, SERIOUSLY.  I am little tired about writing about adventure and just want to have one.  This type of a challenge is not a sprint but a marathon. I did enjoy challenging myself. Thanks to everyone who read.  I appreciated your viewership. My whole series link.


  1. Congrats on finishing, fellow 31 dayer! I've learned so much in October from each of you!!

  2. I love this... love that tea (yum!) and the quote on the teabag too! (Reminds me to pay attention to those more!) And hallelujah and amen on finishing 31days! Stopping by from Emily's place for What We Learned... now, go have an adventure!