Sunday, October 19, 2014

31 Days of Adventures -Tourist in Your Own Town

 am joining the Nester's 31 Days of Writing.  Check out my entire series - "31 Days of Adventure."

A radio station I listen too was quizzing each other about things they had never done in the city they broadcast out. I thought it was entertaining and pretty surprising the things that they had never done.  It got me to thinking about the things in our state of Washington that we have never done.  We have lived here for going on 11 years. 

So I thought I would make a little list of things we have never done in Washington State but maybe even closer in our county. 

Here is a little list

Pickford Theatre
Lightcatcher Museum (have been to old Whatcom Museum)
Donkey Basketball - I know doesn't that sound interesting.  Only my youngest and I haven't been.
Oyster Dome

Recently we did a couple of things WE HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE! I know, say it isn't so.

We went to the Street Festival in our town.  It was fun exploring all the booths.  We got some lovely pie and honey. My hubby bought me a bird garden stake made out of recycled metal.

Crazy Huge Hanging Planters
The planters look like they have beards

We visited the Drayton Harbor APA Museum located out on the Semiahmoo Spit In Semiahmoo Park.  It details the history of the cannery that was located there. 

The cannery served as a center for salmon processing for nearly 80 years. Housed in an original cannery building, the museum exhibits tell the story of days gone by and include a scale model fish trap, antique machinery, a gallery of historic photos, and an original 29-foot Bristol Bay sailboat that gill-netted salmon in the Bristol Bay fishery. Take the time to view "Sockeye and the Age of Sail" video documentary with early day film footage of the APA Star Fleet of tall ships under sail, connecting Blaine, the Bristol Bay salmon fishing, and San Francisco in the fortunes of fishing

For such a small space, it was packed full of really interesting stuff.  We love the beach here but had never been in the museum.  The museum is seasonal but well worth a look.

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