Monday, October 6, 2014

31 Days of Adventure- Boundary Bay/Point Roberts

Recently, we ventured into Canada and Point Roberts to geocache in a cache machine.  A cache machine is a set route of geocaches that everyone tries to complete either individually or as a group.  Usually you start as a group and as the day progresses people split off.

We had numerous technical difficulties as we normally cache with our smart phones but didn't want to do that with data charges.  We somehow didn't get it loaded into our Garmin.  However, my husband had loaded the route to his phone so we had the coordinates and were able to load those into the Garmin manually as we went.

Boundary Bay is beautiful.  A long dyke goes around the bay.  Our adventure was mainly along Mud East Delta Dyke Trail and Mud Bay Park. The Boundary Bay Dyke, built in 1892 was the first dyke to be built in Delta. This 17 km section is just part of the 61 km of dykes maintained by the Corporation of Delta. These dykes surround the entire lowland area protecting the community from high water levels along the Fraser River, the Straits of Georgia and Boundary Bay.

We brought our bikes as numerous caches were along the path.  We were glad we did. The trail was packed gravel and level perfect for bike riding. We met lots of lovely people walking dogs and had long chat with lady with her horse.

Charlie Boundary Bay

There was some art as well.  I was particularly fond of the giraffe.

One of the last caches of the day we attempted was down these incredibly steep steps.  I originally wasn't going down but I decided what the heck.  We met some other cachers on the steps.  They looked spent. I was thinking to my self these don't look so bad. Well I had an entirely different opinion on the way back up.  The sad thing is these uber fit people were running up and down the steps and basically lapping me. To top it off we did not find the cache.

We had a chance to visit Lighthouse  Park in Point Roberts. We watch a couple get their wedding pictures taken. Some us took a well deserved rest on some giant anchors.

We ended the day at Point Roberts with a dinner and a chance to chat with other cachers about the day. We were rewarded with a beautiful sunset.


I am joining the Nester's 31 Days of Writing.  Check out my entire series - "31 Days of Adventure."

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