Saturday, October 4, 2014

31 days of Adventure - Finding Tupperware with Million Dollar Satelites

I am joining the Nester's 31 Days of Writing.  Check out my entire series - "31 Days of Adventure."

Our family is really into Geocaching.  I love this activity because a wide range of ages and abilities. We have cached with our family even our 94 year Grandfather. Geocaching is a multi generational activity. just recently hit a milestone of 1 million caches hidden. Don't know what geocaching is check out the quick video below.

I have a big time geocaching addiction.  I love this as a family activity.  We have hidden 3 geocaches and have over a 1000 finds. Our team name is the Two Man Wrecking Crew. Our youngest for his 12th birthday wanted his own geocaching name so we granted his wish. He is known as the Master of Destruction.

You can do this activity even if you don't have a gps unit but have a smart phone. This great for those of us who have smart phones as there are several free apps such a c:geo which allows you to find geocaches.
This is a frequent position that my husband finds
himself in while looking for a geocache

The Huff Post had a great article about "The Places You Will Go Geocaching."

 As part of the write for 31 days another blogger is doing 31 Days of Geocaching. Click on over and share the love. Anyone else a Geocacher?

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