Tuesday, October 21, 2014

31 Days of Adventure - Radical Adventures (Urban Adventures)

This past year I read a  book called Hidden Cities by Moses Gates. This memoir is about a guy who likes to undertake Urban Adventures.  It about those who ignore the trespassing signs and go into the catacombs in France, climbing bridges in various cities, and running the subway tunnels looking for secret abandoned locations.  I don't do any of these things myself but I do like reading about their adventures.

I don't think many of us are going to be breaking and entering in our adventures. But there are a number of ways to have an Urban Adventure Lite.

Explore a Fort - We are lucky to live by a number of decommissioned forts that are now parks such as Fort Casey.  These are so fun to explore.

Victoria has a 31 Days Series on Exploring LA and did a post on exploring the Old LA Zoo

These are totally legal adventures with the same feel as an illicit adventure.

I am joining the Nester's 31 Days of Writing.  Check out my entire series - "31 Days of Adventure."

Anyone else do Urban Adventures?

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