Sunday, September 22, 2013

Summer Wrap UP!

Cody at Fort Casey
We had an incredible summer.  I thought I would do a little wrap up of our summer. The first day of fall seemed like the perfect time to wrap up.
Charlie snorkeling in the Hot Tub
Charlie and I watched all the Harry Potter Movies after he finished reading the entire series.

We visited a total of 41 State Parks!  Wahoo!  We are SO close to getting 50 State Parks as part of the Centennial Washington State Park Geocache Tour. Hopefully this fall we will make it to 50!

We hosted some guests.  We had my Aunt and Uncle, my parents, and my nephew.  We got to celebrate a 70th Birthday and 15th Birthday.

We hid our first geocache this summer.  It is located in Peace Arch State Park. We decided to make some predictions about our first geocache. Here are the results.

Who would find our cache first?
Charlie - GeoBees
Cody - Lola and the Gnome ***
Heather - PNW Brat
Kevin - Lola and the Gnome ***

How many cachers will find the 1st day?
We had one find on the first day so Charlie was the closest to the number

Co - 6
Ch -5 *
H - 10
K- 8

Number of hours/minutes before the first find?
Our cache was found later in the day so I believe Kevin got this one
Co - 1 hr
Ch  - 30 minutes
H- 45 minutes
K- 2 hrs

The number of times found before the start of the school year (September) Our cache was found 223 times by September 3.

Co- 20
Ch- 300*
H- 100
K- 700

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