Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 Days of Little Things - Wild Kingdom and Squirrel Moment #1002

On Monday, I wasn't feeling the greatest and I was out and about grocery shopping.  I just wanted to be DONE! When I saw this car with the whole dashboard filled with mini plastic animal figures.  It cracked me up.  They had the whole animal kingdom ont heir dashboard.

Which leads me to my squirrel moment

Squirrel Moment - random though or idea not related to what is currently being discussed or related to the current situation or purely a chain of thought progression
What kind of person drives around with the whole Wild Kingdom on his dashboard. How do they stay upright?  Stick with me, then I saw this cool digital art project for kids at Mrs Knight's Smartest Artists.  Where you take pictures of plastic animals outside to practice your digital photography.  YOU KNOW I HAD TO GIVE IT A SHOT!
I know I am a little odd.  Something that made me smile actually ended up being a little inspiring. 
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