Sunday, October 21, 2012

31 Little Things - Rubbermaid Mop

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This falls in the category of  a little Household Tip.

I think I may have turned into a Mop snob.  I really don't know how it happened.  I have lots of wood flooring and animals (2 cats/2 dogs) plus the two man wrecking crew.  Doesn't that sound like a nightmare - fur city.  I mop a lot.  I admit I broke up with my Swifter Wet Jet. Sorry Swifter, I didn't want to buy your pads anymore. Don't they remind you of giant sanitary napkins. I use The Reveal Spray Mop by Rubbermaid.  I love the washable pads and the interchangeable bottles.  Yes at the outset this is a little pricey but so worth it.  I love I never have to buy those pads and I can fill the bottles with whatever I wish.  It also feels a lot studier than the Swifter Wet Jet to me.

*** This is totally NOT endorsed by Rubbermaid. Though I wouldn't be opposed to it. ( LOL)

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