Monday, October 22, 2012

31 days of Little Things - Do you pin?

Do you pin as in Do you use Pinterest?  I admit I am addicted to this site.  I love that it acts like a storage place for your idea boards essentially.  I was always forgetting to bookmark those great ideas I would see out in blog land or I would have no idea why I had something bookmarked. Secondly, I have tried so many things because of pinterest and the majority have been really successful.  You can click on my link located on the right side of my blog to follow my pins on Pinterest. There are a lot of 31 dayers (those people who are linking up to Nester and committing to blog for 31 days) who are doing 31 days of Pinterest. Here are a few. 31 Days of Pinterest: Pinned to Done, 31 (more) Days of Pinterest, 31 Days fo Pinterest, 31 Days of Pinterest Projects. ( I am pretty sure I missed some) This one is cracking me up 31 Days of My Non-Pinteresting Life. 

Here is a link to my pinterest board that has things I have tried and were successful. My favorite are some of the food ones such as Banana Bars and Hootenanny.
The Nester is once again doing 31 days of blogging. Check out what others are writing about for 31 days.

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