Monday, October 8, 2012

Bad Geo Luck

It was another gorgeous fall day on Saturday.  We were running some errands in Bellingham so we decided to do some geocaching.  We paid a visit to Whatcom Falls.  We haven't done this as a family for a long time.
Whatcom Falls
The boys standing by the little falls
Small Falls

The falls were beautiful but our geocaching luck was off.  The satellites were conspiring against us. We couldn't get out GPS to agree on anything. It was bouncing this way and that.  Leading us through the brush and just making us miserable. I managed to think my wallet was missing. Luckily it was at home and sit in some pitch from a pine tree. It just a bad no good geocaching day.  We ended up with 2 geocaches and they were hard won.  It wasn't a satisfying day.

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